How to polish/shine your shoes

Everyone want their shoes to be shiny and reflect like a mirror but very few achieve this, the main reason for this is, they don’t polish their shoes the way it is meant to be polished.

Hello readers, today I’m going to tell you about one of the simplest way to shine your shoes in this post.

So here it goes, materials required: shoes,application brush,buffing brush,cotton or soft cloth and wax polish.

Procedure: Step 1 : Remove the laces from the shoe. If your shoes are slip ons or if your shoes don’t have lace then you’ll have to skip this step.

Step 2 : Clean the dust off your shoes using a brush or cloth. Make sure that the brush you use to dust isn’t the same that you use to buffer/shine the shoes.

Step 3 : Depending upon the colour of the shoes pick the suitable wax polish ie black if the shoes are black in colour, brown, tan, neutral etc based on the shoe colour.

Note: neutral polish is used when your shoes are of vivid colours like blue, grey etc.

Step 4 : Take some cotton or soft cloth or application brush and rub it over the surface of the wax polish so that a decent amount of wax blends or mixes with the cotton. Now polish the shoe in circular motion over the entire surface of the shoe. Allow the leather to absorb the polish, meanwhile you can polish the other shoe.

Step 5 : Once you are done applying the polish to both the shoe, use a buffer brush or soft cloth to shine the shoes. While you are brushing , you notice that the shoe is now slowly beginning to shine. Brush the shoe for few seconds until the shine reaches saturation.

Step 6 : Once you are done with shining both the shoes it is time to put back the laces.



All images used in this post are royalty free stock images.


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