Well, now you might be thinking ‘Is there a particular way to buy a perfume? ‘. And the answer to it is YES.
So here is how you do it, if you are buying a perfume you aren’t familiar with, once you head to the store ask the salesman or the saleswoman for what type of cologne you are looking for , he/she would suggest few and spray some on the strips for you to sniff. If you liked a particular fragrance then don’t be in a hurry and buy one in the next few seconds, the reason for this is as follows

1. Most fragrances do not smell the same as they did at the opening.

2. The way in which a particular fragrance smells varies from person to person. That’s mainly because the fragrance mixes up with your body essence and sometimes it can turn awry.

3. You mayn’t like the perfume you bought because it mayn’t be complete or it mayn’t completely satisfy your olfactory to the fullest.

You can follow the below mentioned simple steps to overcome these hurdles,

1. Instead of asking the store attendant to spray it on the test strip, you can ask him/her to spray it on your forearms, so that you’ll know how it smells on you.

2. You can follow the above step when you are on some sort of shopping that’ll exceed an hour or more, that is once the store attendant sprays the perfume on your forearms, you can tell him/her that “I’ll be coming back in an hour or so, as I want to know how it smells on me”. Make sure you are polite to the store attendant while saying it. Now you can head to some other shops for shopping something else like clothes, footwear etc. or maybe even go for a movie. In the due course of shopping or movie, you’ll notice the behaviour of the perfume on you.In some cases you may even receive compliments from total strangers around you. That’s when you know you’ve put on the right cologne.Now you can head back to the cologne store to buy the cologne.

3. In case you are someone who is really concerned about extreme longevity of the perfume, you can follow step 1 in the morning and head back to the store in the evening or even night, provided the perfume aces the longevity test.

Bonus Tips:

1. Choose EDP version of the perfume instead of EDT, if you want better longevity.

2. You can read reviews of the perfume on The perfume’s complete history is available on it.

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