Bvlgari  Aqua Pour Homme Review

Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme is an aquatic fragrance created by Jacques Cavallier. I got this fragrance in January 2017 and it was my daily cologne till June 2017.This is also one of my favourites out of all the colognes I’ve put on till date.

Well, speaking about the cologne it is very aquatic and fresh. The top notes include Posidonia Oceania sea weed, Santolina lavender cotton and some citrus vibes like mandarin. While the base notes include Clary sage and mineral amber which add to the woody vibes.

With respect to versatility it is more of a summer fragrance and a day time fragrance. Now if you are wondering why I mentioned it as my daily cologne, the reason is I live in a tropical place and it would be like summer round the year.

Talking about longevity of this perfume, it lasts pretty long. I would put this on at around 7:30 am in the morning and small amounts of it would be there even at 6 o clock in the evening. But this mayn’t be the case with everyone. With respect to projection, the projection would be quite good in the initial few hours and would gradually fall post four hours.

One of the other things I like about this perfume apart from the fragrance is the shape of its bottle. The bottle is circular in shape.

How much does it cost ?

The price of 150 ml  Bvlgari Aqua Pour Homme costs INR 6000 which is very less when compared to some of the other perfumes in the aquatic and fresh category which is as good as this.

Is there any alternatives to it ?

If you are an aquatic fragrance lover or fresh fragrance lover, here are some alternatives to it

• Sauvage by Christian Dior  ( fresh fragrance )

• Acqua Di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani  ( fresh fragrance )

• Dylan Blue by Versace ( Aquatic and fresh fragrance )

With respect to pricing Sauvage and Acqua Di Gio Profumo are expensive Dylan Blue falls closer to Aqua Pour Homme. 200 ml of Dylan Blue costs INR 8200, which means you are paying INR 41 per ml. Whereas Aqua Pour Homme is INR 6000 per 150 ml which means you are paying INR 40 per ml.

Few extra tips :

• If you are money conscious, purchasing a bigger bottle fetches you more volume of perfume for a lesser price. 50ml of Aqua Pour Homme costs INR 3300 on Amazon while 150 ml costs you INR 6000 in Sephora.

• Buy the cologne from a genuine source. Because a counterfeit or fake product can break your heart and wallet.

• I got the product from Sephora and I can assure you that it is genuine and safe place to buy colognes.

• If you are buying it in Sephora and if you are a first time customer don’t forget to ask for Sephora White Card because points are added for money you’ve spent. Every INR 75 = 1 point.  250 point* = Black card upgrade + 10% off on your next visit ( *T&C apply ).

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