Pairing black shirt with a black pant

“Can you wear a black shirt with a black pant?”,Was the question asked to me by my friend. And the answer to it was, “YES bro.”

Pairing black shirt with black pant can go pretty well especially on formal occasions. I learnt this secret from one of my senior in the college. This particular senior who was a friend of mine wore a black Benetton cotton shirt and a black trouser and he looked perfectly fine during a formal event in the college. He also wore a black leather belt which enhanced the look. During formal events in the college it was mandatory for us to wear blazer and tie. But this friend of mine didn’t wear a blazer nor did he put on a tie and nobody even noticed it. This dude was assigned the role of master of ceremony during most of the events in the college and he looked perfectly great in all of the events in his signature black outfit without blazer and tie.

Here are a few things you need to know before you ace your all black game.

• Do not try this on days that are extremely important to you i.e. if you are attending any important black tie event and if there is a chance that people attending the event are going to judge your outfit, then stay away from going all black. Because going all black mayn’t hold good all the time due to a lot of reasons. And one such reason is, the hue of your clothes. Even though we are talking just about black, there are a lot of variations in the colour black. Usually the rich black on a rich fabric (good quality) only holds good. After a few washes your shirt or trouser may lose that rich hue and they may get slightly paler or faded. And if you going to a black tie event with this faded outfit, then you are going to spoil your style game.

• Wear your all black outfit and check yourself in the mirror a day prior to the day you are actually going to wear your all black outfit. By doing this you’ll actually know if it suits you and if it doesn’t you can wear something else that suits you, for the following day.

• Matching your footwear too is extremely essential to take your black game to the next level. And my personal recommendation would be black monkstraps or black business casual moccasins.

All the above mentioned was with respect to formal events. Now let’s talk about casual. When it comes to casual wear, a black T shirt and a black denim paired with white sneakers (preferably by Adidas Originals) can elevate your style game to the next level.

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