Welcome to candid can blog, readers in this post we’ll be looking at the type of shoes stylish men have in their shoe rack.

1. MONK STRAPS: These are the shoes that stylish men would wear to their office. Monk straps sync very well with formal wear and they are of two types, single monk straps and double monk straps. As the word suggests single monk straps contain single strap and double monk straps contain double strap. When the majority in the office are wearing regular black or brown shoes, the dude with the monk straps definitely stands out from the crowd, as these shoes have all the characteristics to grab everyone’s attention.

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2. OXFORDS : I’m pretty sure that most of the readers reading this post have noticed those shoes with punched dots and folded flaps. Yes, they are called oxfords and they’ve got some history behind the origin of their name. These shoes too fall under the formal category like monk straps and they come in a variety of shades. When the right shade is matched with the right trouser, the formal game is elevated to the next level and hence they find a place in most of the stylish men’s shoe rack.

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3. BUSINESS CASUAL LOAFERS : These are also called semi-formal shoes and are hot favourites among entrepreneurs. When you are the boss of your organization, you don’t have to fear about the remarks made on your outfit by your higher-ups, unlike the rest in your organization. So you’ve got the license to flaunt your signature shoes. These shoes are quite comfortable and classy too. They can be worn with no show socks and looks killer when worn with those tailor fit pants that end at your ankles or slightly above it. The dazzles on these shoes are show stealers and can make anyone’s pupil turn towards them. Now you know why they’ve got a compartment in a stylish man’s shoe closet.

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4. DRIVING SHOES : These shoes are really cool and comfy. They can be worn when you are driving and it doesn’t end there. They can be worn on numerous other occasions like casual parties, shopping sessions etc. However there are a few down points on these shoes. The stiches underneath the shoes get cut when the stiches come in contact with sharp and rough surfaces. Also the shape of the shoes gets damaged on absorption of water during rainy season. But these down points are like a drop of water in an ocean and doesn’t matter much when compared with all the good qualities they possess.

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5. Slip ONS : Slip ons are easy to wear, comfy and stylish. They can be worn during all casual occasions. These shoes go well with both shorts and pants and can be worn with no show socks or ankle length socks. They also match with almost all kinds of casual wears and they find a place in most of the stylish dude’s shoe rack.

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6. THE REGULAR CASUAL SHOES : When a stylish chap doesn’t want to have numerous shoes in the shoe rack, he goes for that one shoe that meets all the demands i.e. shoes that hold good for all casual occasions, all seasons and finally a shoe with good durability quotient that lasts long.

Image source : Puma.com

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