5 things you need to know very early in life

Disclaimer : Everything mentioned in this post is the Author’s views based on the Author’s experiences and findings. None of the views are aimed at misguiding or provoking the readers.

I’ll be turning 22 this April and over the past years I’ve learnt lot of lessons and I thought these lessons could be beneficial to my readers who are still in their early teenage or even younger. So I thought of writing this post and here we go…

1. You should take your studies seriously : During your study holidays you might receive forward messages saying,“3 hours of exam can’t decide your future” or something similar to this. This statement could be true but not necessarily for everyone. For some it could be those 3 hours that makes them successful and stand apart from the rest of the herd.

2. Choosing the right friend circle is very important : Your friend list can tell a lot about you. Making a wrong decision in choosing the friend circle can affect your future.

3. You shouldn’t disclose your goals and secrets to everyone : Not everyone out there wants you to be successful, there would be lot of them who would want to see you fall. The bad ones may speak negative about your goals to make you feel low and they may even laugh at your goals behind your back. So you should know whom to share your goals and secrets with and whom to not.

4. You shouldn’t be rude with your words towards children, your peers and elders : Giving back answers or pulling somebody’s leg might sound fun in your teenage but when your brain matures and when you think of all the bad things you did, you’ll regret it and feel sorry for all you did. Say it could be annoying your maths teacher or making fun of that introvert in the class, you are going to regret it and feel bad for all you did someday.

5. You should invest in self building : If you are in your early teens, this point is for you. One fine day you might end up looking at picture of Bradley Cooper or Rana Daggubati and say “I wish I looked like him” or “I wish I was as tall as him”. So if you are in your early teens do not argue with your mom when she tells you to drink  Complan or when she asks you to go for that morning run.

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