Davidoff Cool Water Gift Set Review

I’ve been a fan of Davidoff perfumes from quite a long time. I still remember those days back in grade ten, when Cool Water was my daily cologne. My dad too is a huge fan of Davidoff Cool Water. Back in my school days he would hide the Cool Water bottle in the hidden chambers of my closet because I used to overspray it and sometimes I would use it as my room freshener too.

Recently I purchased a Davidoff Cool Water gift set from Sephora and to my surprise it wasn’t doing the same magic it did six years back, when I was at school. In simple words it disappointed me. For some time I felt that I probably got a counterfeit product but then I had purchased it from one of the most genuine stores, so there wasn’t any chance of me receiving a counterfeit product.

Okay, getting back to the product, the gift set costs INR 4950, you get a 125ml EDT, 75ml aftershave balm and a 75ml shower gel. The gift set costs the same as the regular 125ml EDT. So the good thing about the gift set is that you get shower gel and aftershave balm at no extra price. But this wouldn’t be of much use if you are already stuck with some other shower gel and aftershave balm and you don’t want to experiment with something else (Cool Water aftershave and shower gel). However if you put on aftershave, shower gel and perfume (all belonging to Cool Water) it syncs perfectly well and eliminates the problem of clashing of odour of shower gel and aftershave (of other brands) with Cool Water.

In my case, I love growing beard so I have no use of aftershave, therefore I gave the aftershave balm to my dad. He’s been using it for some time now and so far there is no negative feedback regarding the aftershave balm. And regarding the shower gel, I used it a couple of times and I felt that it dried my hair a lot, so I stopped using it. Regarding the odour of the shower gel, I liked it very much, it had very fresh vibes and refreshing feel.

Should you buy it ?

If Cool Water is your signature cologne then you should go for it. If Cool Water isn’t your signature cologne then you shouldn’t because there are a lot of other perfumes out there that could be a better buy for the money you pay.

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