Flower Photography

Hello readers, in this post I’ll be giving some tips on how to photograph flowers.

1. Choose the right angle : The angle from which you click the snap makes a lot of difference in the final result. It can make the image look beautiful or ugly. Before you click the photo, move around the subject, make sure your camera is on and keep looking at the display. There’ll be that one magical angle from which the subject looks stunning, stick to that angle, lock the focus on the subject and click the image.

2. Play with the shutter speed : If there is sufficient light and if you want to capture motion (shaking flowers, moving car in the background, flying bees etc.) then change the shutter speed. The faster the shutter speed, the sharper the image. However, light absorbed reduces when you increase the shutter speed. So you’ll have to increase the exposure or do the magic while editing.

3. Make use of the weather : Most photographers have a feeling that ‘you need to click images when its bright and sunny’ but this need not be true. You can get amazing results even when the weather is cloudy and moody.

4. Do not over do with the exposure : Extreme exposure and hard light eliminates shadows and minute highlights. This spoils the natural feel of the subject. So click the photo in actual ambient light conditions.

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