4 Key Things in Street Photography

Hello readers, in this post I’ll be talking on Street Photography and I’ll also give some tips to enhance your street photography skills.

The most important aspect in street photography is to capture the moment. You might have seen captions on photos reading “Captions not required the picture itself speaks a lot”. Yes it’s true. This is the approach one has to follow to click a good picture. The picture should speak volumes, it should describe the atmosphere and the ambience.

It’s not necessary for one to be a pro photographer to do street photography. Any individual who loves his surroundings and who wants to click images of daily life and daily happenings can do street photography. For example, a techie who commutes daily to his office located in another part of the city can capture the scene of his daily commute in the traffic laden roads.

Now moving on to the tips, the most essential requisite to excel in street photography is Swiftness. Yes, epic moments happen very quickly. For example, you might spot a cute Porsche on the rear view mirror of the vehicle you are travelling in. Now if you aren’t the one who is on the driver seat, then most probably your hands are free to use a camera. Get your camera set as quickly as possible to click the image in all its glory. Another key to get sharp images while you are on the move is a quick shutter speed. The quicker the closing of the shutter, the less blurry the image.

Tip 2 : Monochrome does the magic. Before writing this post, I read close to a dozen posts related to street photography, and the common thing in all those posts was black and white photographs. If you’ve noticed this post carefully, you can see that all the photos used in this post so far are in black and white.

Tip 3 : Pick the Correct Angle. If you want to know more on the art of picking the correct angle, check out my post on Flower Photography, where I’ve mentioned on how to choose the correct angle.

Let me tell you how I chose the angle for the above image. In the above image the scooter is the subject. Had I clicked the image from the side, I would have missed the details on the front section (headlight, mudguard etc.). And if I had shot the image from the front, the image would have lost the details of the sides. So I had to pick an angle where the subject wouldn’t miss the aforementioned details, and I picked one. To know the art of angle picking check out my post on Flower Photography.

The above image depicts the view from the side, where the details of the front section is lost.

Tip 4 : Pick the Subject. It’s not hard to find a subject in our day today life. I was at my friends’ place on a warm afternoon. I went to the balcony to get some fresh air and I saw a bicycle parked on the road.

I found this as a cool subject and I decided to click a photo. The angle from the balcony wasn’t great, so I decided to go down and move closer to the subject to get a good shot.

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