The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Book Review

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ is a book written by Robin Sharma, who is an internationally acclaimed leadership guru. As the cover of the book says, this book is a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny.

This book contains 13 chapters and the story begins with heart attack of a hotshot attorney, who is known for his success in the legal field and also for his lavish lifestyle. The attorney survives the heart attack and he later moves to a place in the Himalayas for few months, where he learns about some virtues that lead to enlightened living, from a Yogi.

Post learning the timeless virtues the attorney comes back from the Himalayas and meets his friend, who is the narrator of this book. The conversation between the narrator and the attorney leads to revelation of the principles of enlightened living.

From my perspective this is a good book. The essence of virtues is explained in a clear and simple manner that is easy to understand. However, there was a section in the book that I found a little contradictory, the attorney talks about mentioning your goals to others, as this would create a positive pressure on you and it’ll help you stay motivated to achieve your goal. I found this a bit contradictory because in real world scenario there will be people who will demotivate you (especially the jealous and narrow minded ones) and moreover if you don’t achieve your goal you’ll have negative pressure affecting you. I feel that one shouldn’t disclose their goals to everyone, unless the goal is achieved. However, one can disclose their goals with well-wishers and motivators, who want to see your growth and success. Again, opinions vary and there’s no hard and fast rule that something must be followed. Opinions vary on lot of parameters like social circle, geographical location etc. Moving back to the book, it is a great book and one will not regret purchasing this book.

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