I received myriad of compliments on this bag …

The results were out and I was promoted to the final year. Wow !! The present backpack I was using was perfectly fine.  But I wanted a backpack that really stands out in the crowd. The college life would be done after graduation and even if I had loads of money to afford the glitziest backpack, where would I wear it after graduation. So in spite of knowing that I’ll be needing a backpack for just one year, I went out to buy a show stealer backpack.

From one store to another and another … the pursuit to find the perfect backpack continued. Finally I ended up in the Puma outlet and my pupils turned towards a vibrant blue backpack. At the first sight, my heart’s rhythm sent a hint that I’ve found what I was looking for. And it turned out to be true. This blue backpack had all the features that I was looking for, except a water bottle holder. For a moment I thought ‘should I buy it ?’ And then I remembered my friends scolding me for over tightening the cap of the water bottle, I always tighten the lid of the water bottle very tightly, whenever someone tries to open the lid they really have to spend a lot of energy in opening the lid. This habit of mine, hinted me that the chance of a leaking water bottle is literally zero. I had no more excuses to move away from the bag. Oh wait, the price tag. Yeah, the price seemed to be a little expensive but it had no competitors. I just had to shell out a little more than usual to buy this sizzling yet sweet, Senorita. And I bought one.

The next day at the college, the compliments flowed like a river that knew no bounds. And the compliments continued to rain thereafter even in places away from the college.


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