3 Life Lessons to take away from this Book

The Alchemist is a book written by the well-known author Paulo Coelho. The book deals with story of a young shepherd in pursuit of his dream to find the treasure at the Pyramids.

In the course of reaching his destiny the shepherd overcomes many hurdles, these hurdles includes an encounter with a thief, the hard terrains of the desert etc.

As a reader when you carefully notice at the hurdles in this book and relate it with real life scenarios, you learn essential life lessons.

The first life lesson is to become a Polyglot. Yes, in this book the shepherd gets cheated due to his inability to speak Arabic. The thief makes use of the limitation of the shepherd and cheats him. This scene from the book reminds me of one of my friend who was cheated by taxi driver. My friend had ended up paying 2500 INR for taxi ride that in real doesn’t exceed 500 INR. The taxi driver had found the inability of my friend to speak the local language as a bait and had charged him extra. This point can be dragged a lot but to keep it short, in simple words knowing multiple languages can often become handy and prevent you from getting cheated. On the other hand you can make profit too, if you are fluent, you can get into bargains and negotiations.

The second life lesson is to stay positive and look at the bright side, even during the difficult times. In the book, the shepherd ends up in situations when he can’t deal with the problems anymore and he decides to go back to his native fields and rear the herd, without trying anymore to find the treasure. But when he looks at the bright side of the problems it brings him back on track to find the treasure and in the end he eventually finds it.

The third life lesson is to not allow distractions block your path. In the book, the shepherd meets the love of his life but he chooses to return back to his love after finding the treasure and he eventually ends up getting both the treasure and the girl. Looking at this in real life situations, there are many who end up ruining their goal due to distractions. I’ve seen people who have dropped out of college when they had taken their distractions more seriously than their actual goal in life. This could be a little contradictory.

Distractions can be classified as good distractions and bad distractions. If the distraction is a good distraction, you can spend some time reflecting on it but never should that alter your actual path. If it is a bad distraction then you should chuck it then and there.

That concludes the 3 life lessons you could take away from this book. There could be more life lessons hidden out there in this book that I mayn’t have found but you might. So if you have any thoughts on buying this book you can hit on the affiliate link below.

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