Monsoon Fashion

Cloudy sky, gloomy weather, muddy roads and the list continues… Are they stopping you from staying stylish this monsoon? Do not worry, because you are on the right website and here are the answers to most of the fashion problems one faces during the monsoon.

  • Footwear : If you are a person who walks a lot, then you must choose the right footwear for the monsoons. So the first tip is do not wear delicate footwear. For example delicate footwear like driving shoes are most likely to get damaged during the monsoons. On contact with water delicate shoes may even lose their shape and lustre.                                                                                                                                                                     Say no to Flip Flops. Flip flops may end up splashing dirt and water while one is    walking on a muddy road and some flip flops might have slippery bottom too, ahh! You know the consequences of a slippery footwear, don’t you?

        Tip : Wear monsoon friendly rugged shoes or light weight monsoon friendly netted shoes that dry quickly. Avoid Suede and leather shoes.

Another small tip is, ask the salesperson that, whether the shoes that you are buying can be worn during monsoon, while buying the shoes.

 Say No to leather accessories : Wrist watch with leather belt, leather bags     etc. Instead go for metal wrist watches and synthetic waterproof bags.

  • Choose dark coloured clothes over light coloured ones : Ever been in a situation where passer by jumped into a puddle or a motorist drove over the puddle, finally resulting in muddy water splashing over you ? If yes, you know the pain. Ummm, so if you wear dark coloured clothes during the monsoon, you can prevent the intensity of this damage to a certain extent.


  • Shorts and Tees for the Casual Dude : This point doesn’t work out for the Formal Dude who’s serious about dress code or for an office goer. However he can go for it (shorts and tees) during the weekends and other casual occasions.


  • Light and Thin Socks : They dry quickly and are a boon during the monsoons.


  • A small polythene cover or bag : In case you are a bike lover or a daily commuter who takes two wheeler to the office, then a polythene cover may come in handy to prevent your electronic gadgets, to come in contact with water.


  • Umbrella : They prevent you from getting drenched and on the other hand they can also be a style statement. Choose an umbrella based on you need. If you are in your sixties with a macho beard, broad chest and shoulders, then you can go for a lengthy and pointed umbrella.

If you are an office goer who doesn’t care for an umbrella as a style statement then you can go for the regular umbrellas. However, if the common umbrella stand in your office is filled with same coloured umbrellas, then you can buy a coloured umbrella, just to prevent you from getting confused in distinguishing your umbrella from the rest of the umbrellas in the common umbrella stand, at the end of day’s work.


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“Aww, MOPED”, exclaimed the seventy five year old grandpa.

 The 22 year old grandson noticed the subtle smile and immense joy in his grandpa’s face.

“What happened grandpa?” the 22 year old asked with a smile.

“Oh kid, this moped reminds me of my young days. Those days. The day I met your grandma, the days when I’d take her to the cinemas. The days we’d hit the food street, grab some food and binge talk for hours”.

Hearing his grandpa’s words, the grandson’s face too lit up with a smile.

“Please continue, I’d like to hear more”, replied the grandson.

The grandpa recalled the old memories, “Kid, back then the roads had very less traffic and cruising on a moped, humming the songs of those times, the breeze gushing towards my face…umm…I miss those days.”

The grandson’s smile widened after listening grandpa’s words and the two continued their walk towards home.


*************************   The End  *****************************



It’s 2018 and the moped craze is gradually emerging among the millennials. Social media influence could be one of the driving factors for some to shift towards mopeds and here are some of the pros and cons of owning a moped.



·       Light weight and affordable


In today’s context where bumper to bumper traffic is a common sight, owning a light weight moped can lower the burden during slow moving traffic.


·       Low Speed



Tuning the engine of mopeds are illegal in most countries and owners have to be content with the max speed of the default engine.

·       Aesthetics


Some mopeds have a good combination of both design and colour and are fulltime attention grabbers.


·       Safety



Due to their light weight and low Speeds, the factor of accidents with other vehicles may arise.

·       Fun

If given a chance to drive a moped, who would refuse? They are absolute fun for most. 







Think and Grow Rich is a book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. In this book the author talks on various aspects and qualities needed to succeed in life.

The author conveys the essence through, examples and analysis of many individuals in this book. The individuals include scientists, businessmen, singers etc. The examples aren’t concentrated entirely on industry giants or market leaders, in certain sections of the book one can find examples of children who overcome barriers and succeed in their task.

In the initial few pages of the book, readers might feel that the content is progressing very slowly and the content is repetitive but as the reader continues reading further she/he will definitely feel the content picking up pace along with good essence.

In the middle section of the book, the author talks on numerous hindrances faced by individuals and he gives solutions to overcome the hindrances. As the content progresses towards the final section, the author discloses the secret on ‘why people become successful in their middle age’.

Before the final section of the book the author talks on the subconscious mind, the brain and the sixth sense. He also talks about an imaginary idea that some readers may or may not appreciate.

In the final section he gives solutions to overcome fear. The author also gives some self analysis test questions, followed by a list of alibis that people say, in the closing chapter and finally concludes with a good note.

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