Think and Grow Rich is a book written by Napoleon Hill in 1937. In this book the author talks on various aspects and qualities needed to succeed in life.

The author conveys the essence through, examples and analysis of many individuals in this book. The individuals include scientists, businessmen, singers etc. The examples aren’t concentrated entirely on industry giants or market leaders, in certain sections of the book one can find examples of children who overcome barriers and succeed in their task.

In the initial few pages of the book, readers might feel that the content is progressing very slowly and the content is repetitive but as the reader continues reading further she/he will definitely feel the content picking up pace along with good essence.

In the middle section of the book, the author talks on numerous hindrances faced by individuals and he gives solutions to overcome the hindrances. As the content progresses towards the final section, the author discloses the secret on ‘why people become successful in their middle age’.

Before the final section of the book the author talks on the subconscious mind, the brain and the sixth sense. He also talks about an imaginary idea that some readers may or may not appreciate.

In the final section he gives solutions to overcome fear. The author also gives some self analysis test questions, followed by a list of alibis that people say, in the closing chapter and finally concludes with a good note.

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