“Aww, MOPED”, exclaimed the seventy five year old grandpa.

 The 22 year old grandson noticed the subtle smile and immense joy in his grandpa’s face.

“What happened grandpa?” the 22 year old asked with a smile.

“Oh kid, this moped reminds me of my young days. Those days. The day I met your grandma, the days when I’d take her to the cinemas. The days we’d hit the food street, grab some food and binge talk for hours”.

Hearing his grandpa’s words, the grandson’s face too lit up with a smile.

“Please continue, I’d like to hear more”, replied the grandson.

The grandpa recalled the old memories, “Kid, back then the roads had very less traffic and cruising on a moped, humming the songs of those times, the breeze gushing towards my face…umm…I miss those days.”

The grandson’s smile widened after listening grandpa’s words and the two continued their walk towards home.


*************************   The End  *****************************



It’s 2018 and the moped craze is gradually emerging among the millennials. Social media influence could be one of the driving factors for some to shift towards mopeds and here are some of the pros and cons of owning a moped.



·       Light weight and affordable


In today’s context where bumper to bumper traffic is a common sight, owning a light weight moped can lower the burden during slow moving traffic.


·       Low Speed



Tuning the engine of mopeds are illegal in most countries and owners have to be content with the max speed of the default engine.

·       Aesthetics


Some mopeds have a good combination of both design and colour and are fulltime attention grabbers.


·       Safety



Due to their light weight and low Speeds, the factor of accidents with other vehicles may arise.

·       Fun

If given a chance to drive a moped, who would refuse? They are absolute fun for most. 






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