The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – Book Review

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a book written by Dr Joseph Murphy. The book contains 20 chapters/contents. At the end of each chapter, the essence mentioned in the chapter is briefed in short with bullet points. This briefing is very helpful because one can extract the information present in the book even after many days post reading the book, since this wouldn’t require one to read the entire chapter but just scan the bullet points, it is time saving and also doesn’t require one to underline important sections of the book or make additional notes.

Moving on to the content, the power of one’s subconscious mind could be similar to that of ‘Ishikawa diagram’ or what is commonly known as ‘Cause and Effect diagram’ or ‘Fish Bone diagram’ among the management grads, i.e. the thoughts of one’s subconscious could result to certain results. Where the thoughts are the cause and the results are the effects.

The author has given many examples ranging from the ancient times to the modern to describe the potential of one’s thinking and how that thinking could change one’s life.

Moving on to the verification of what’s mentioned in the book to that of real life scenario, one can definitely say that the author’s words are true to great extent. For example, an individual who could be an introvert during the first year of under graduate course might end up being an extrovert by the end of final year. Since I’ve personally witnessed such scenario happening I would agree with the book, since it says our actions are based on our thoughts and it is the thoughts that make an individual who she/he is.

In the middle sections of the book the author talks about how one’s subconscious mind can be used to get what one wants, be a partner in success etc. The author also talks about autosuggestion and heterosuggestion. If you’ve already read ‘Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill’, you’d be familiar with autosuggestion and this book would be more like a revision with respect to autosuggestion, however if you’ve not read then you could learn about it in this book.

The author talks about quite a lot of things like marital problems, happiness, human relationships, forgiveness etc. in the middle sections of the book.

In the final few chapters he talks about removing mental blocks and fears with the help of subconscious mind and he concludes the final chapter by saying how age is just a number and one can stay with good enthusiasm and spirit even when one grows old. He also gives many examples of great personalities who achieved great endeavours in their old age. The book finally ends with a good note.

If you are planning to buy the book. Here is an affliate link.

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