Adidas Cloudfoam Slides – Product Review

I got a pair of them few weeks ago, and here is the review.

I’ve never liked the idea of spending huge sum on flip flops or slides and the reason for this is, there isn’t anything special in highly priced slippers when compared to budget flip flops. But this product made me change my mind to some extent.

The good things about this product is that it is an attention grabber and along with it, it also has a better middle layer when compared to its peers. When I say middle layer, I refer to the cloudfoam layer. If you divide the slides into three layers, the base (in contact with ground), the cloudfoam layer (middle layer) and the top flap, you get the three different stratas.

Is the walking experience similar to walking on the clouds ?

Ummm, well the cloudfoam layer is soft and it also serves as a good suspension but it isn’t really something extraordinary unless you feel it. The suspension feel can be felt when one is descending down the stairs, and while descending if the person adds some extra pressure than regular pressure exerted by him while walking he could definitely make out the subtle difference this product has when compared to the regular flip flops or slides.

The logo on this product isn’t the regular Adidas logo and has ‘adidas’ written in small case. I find this to be more aesthetic than the conventional logo.

Air flow – this product has a huge top layer, which means the air flow over your feet is less when compared to regular flip flops. If you are someone who likes airy feel then you should definitely take this aspect pretty seriously if you wish to buy this product. Air flow to the toes is pretty decent in this product and the same applies to the heel.

Does it hurt while walking ?

When I was reading the comments by some users of this product they mentioned that it hurts them when they walk and the reason to this is as follows.

If the top layer isn’t chamfered properly on the extreme ends which comes in contact with your feet while walking, then there is a chance of it hurting your feet. This experience can be related to paper cuts.

If you are getting this product under discount then you should check the aforementioned because discounted products do not fall under exchange or refund.

Durability : I put the slides on every evening when I go to my evening classes and sometimes I do end up walking on rough terrain. For example, some residential houses are under construction down the street where I live and when the trucks are blocking the road I end up walking on the rough stones that are used to mix with concrete / make concrete and I found that there isn’t much of an impact of it on the slides. However, I haven’t tested them under the influence of water. The product came with a tag which read that the product isn’t water friendly, and the reason for this could be that, it can spoil the cloudfoam layer. If you are a fan of driving shoes then you probably know the effect of monsoons on them. The same may apply to this.

Final Take : It is a good product and I don’t regret buying it. I use it quite often. However, I don’t put these on when I go to places where footwear isn’t allowed. In such cases I put on my budget flip flops, so that even if I lose them it doesn’t have much of an impact on my wallet.



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