Customer Charter

  1. Any customer who wants to buy the products / courses should contact @preetham_raghu via Instagram (Direct Message) to know the Product Key / Password.
  2. The product key will be delivered to the customer on successful payment. The money spent on any of the courses / products is not refundable.
  3. The customer should take screenshot of payment details and product key and keep them safe.
  4. After opening the course the customer should copy the course and paste it in a Microsoft Word file and then save it as pdf. Mac or iOS users can use the default Notes app to perform the aforementioned……(A)
  5. (A) Should be done, because, if the customer loses the product key she / he will have a backup. The second reason is, the customer can access the information without advertisements. The third reason is, even if something happens to the database of the customer will have her / his copy of the course. Therefore money spent on the product will not go in vain. The fourth reason is, some of you may prefer hard copy over soft copy (you can get the course printed only for personal or family use). The fifth reason is doesn’t provide any insurance.

Date : 24 / 01 / 2019