Asphalt 9 Game-play and Review

(Game-Play video is in the bottom of the post)

This is one of the good racing games that I’ve played so far on mobile phone. The other racing games I’ve played and liked are Real Racing 3 and Need for Speed.

Back in the days of Nokia N8 and iPod touch, NFS was one of the game that I loved playing. A year ago when I played NFS I felt that the game time was pretty short on mobile phone and the game ended just when the heat hit the threshold. Moving on to Asphalt 9, I found the game length to be decent, however in the initial stages, I felt that the game length was short.

This game feels decent when played using the tilt control for steering. I read some comments on the App Store, and in one of the comment someone mentioned that this game feels low when you use the default mode (on screen controls) for steering and the reason for this is the car doesn’t fall into the water body. However, when played using tilt control for steering the game feels pretty good and realistic.

The drifting part is something that this game needs to improve on.

Future expectations : New devices like 2018 iPad Pro are really powerful and have pretty decent memory. If game developers take this into consideration we might expect much better game and game duration.

I haven’t checked if this game is controller compatible. If it is so, then this game would be even more amazing. Moving on if devices like iPad provide better aspect ratio when connected to external monitor and also if Apple makes gaming controllers compatible for iPad, Apple TV etc. in the future, then things would be lit.

If you are a windows / android user and felt left out due to the above paragraphs, don’t feel sad because Asphalt is cool game even on other platforms. I also play this game on my windows 8.1 laptop and it is lovely. I use arrow keys and space bar for the controls and nitro respectively.

Well folks, that’s a wrap for this post. See you next time, have a great day 🙂




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