How to pick the correct photo size ?

Alright photo enthusiasts, in this post we’ll have a look at the art of picking the correct size of a photo.

First thing first, before clicking a snap you should know the purpose of clicking and also the resting place of the photo. If the resting place is social media wall then you should pick the size that suits the best for that particular social media application.

I personally like square photos for my Instagram, at times I do experiment with other ratios that fits well and some among them are straight vertical photos and landscape photos (rectangular). The same applies even to videos, I like shooting time lapse and before uploading it to Instagram I use an app called Inshot to convert the video into square format. When uploading to YouTube I use 16:9 ratio, as it takes up ample amount of screen real estate and looks great when viewing (especially in full screen mode).

Panorama : I make use of panorama while clicking photos of flash mobs and other events that requires much area. But the problem with this is, while viewing it the photo must be zoomed and that is a bit annoying. One way in which this could be avoided is by, moving away from the object and then click the photo. When the photographer moves away from the object the object seems to be smaller and a great portion of the object can be covered in the photo. The drawback in this procedure is, if the photographer doesn’t click sharp images then the quality of the photo will be poor and many details can be missing.

Few days back I had to print an excel document. When I tried to print it in the straight vertical mode, all the columns weren’t fitting in one single sheet but when I tried to print the document in landscape mode I was able to get it done without missing any data  (the rows were less than the columns).

It’s a wrap for this post, see you next time, have a good day  🙂

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