What is it like to take lecture notes on an iPhone ?

Couple of days back I took lecture notes on my iPhone and here is a review on what it feels like, to take lecture notes on an iPhone.

To begin with, it was history class and the teacher said that he would be dictating some class notes and it would be short. Therefore, I took out my iPhone to take down the lecture notes. Eventually the notes dictated wasn’t short, it was pretty lengthy.

I’ll be telling the pros in the following paragraphs.


Speed : Autocorrect came in handy and I was able to take down the notes at a pretty decent speed, in fact I was faster than the class (Rest of the students were using pen and paper). However, autocorrect did slow down my pace at few moments since certain words in History class was lengthy and unique and autocorrect messed it up.

Emojis : I used emojis in certain parts of the notes. However, I made some mistakes, for example, my teacher used the word ‘leaf’ but I used the emoji of ‘maple leaf’. This affected when I asked Siri to read out the notes. Siri pronounced ‘maple leaf’. However, if I had used the correct emoji this wouldn’t have happened.

Well folks that was it for this post, see you next time with a different post, have a great day 🙂

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