How do Bloggers make Money ?

Hello folks, in this post we’ll take a look at how bloggers make money ? So without further delay, let’s begin…

The first source through which bloggers make money is by advertisements that show up on their blog. These advertisements are usually CPC or CPM ads. CPC refers to Cost per Click. In this mode bloggers make money based on the clicks made on an advertisement. CPM stands for Cost per Mille, in this mode bloggers make money for every thousand advertisement impressions on their blog.

The second mode through which bloggers make money is through Affiliate Marketing. In this mode bloggers register themselves with companies and they place affiliate links on their blog. When readers click on the link and purchase products, a small percent of money goes to the bloggers. The most common affiliate marketing source is Amazon Associates. By registering with Amazon Associates, bloggers can place affiliate links of products sold on Amazon. When readers buy a product by clicking on the affiliate link, a small commission goes to the bloggers and in this process the customers aren’t charged extra.

The third mode by which bloggers make money is by Selling Products. It could be physical products or digital products. An example of physical product is homemade chocolates and an example of digital product is an eBook. Some bloggers run courses and some sell memberships for the courses and make money.

The fourth mode by which bloggers make money is through Sponsored Posts. Companies ask bloggers with huge following to write posts on their products and pay the bloggers for the post. One example of sponsored post is, post on a beauty cream.

The fifth mode by which bloggers make money is via Freelancing i.e. bloggers sign up for temporary or short term contracts with  companies and write posts for the companies, in return bloggers get a payment.

So folks, these were the five ways in which bloggers earn money. See you next time with a different post 🙂

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