Should you start a Blog or an YouTube Channel…

Well folks, welcome to CCB, in this post let us have a look at pros and cons of starting a blog and creating an YouTube channel.

Let us begin with BLOG, the first beautiful thing about blog is that, it lets you to share your ideas with the world, this pro is common to both blog and YouTube channel. The second awesome thing about blog is, it allows you to earn money via advertisements, products etc. The third cool thing about blog is that, it allows you to be anonymous if you wish to be unknown. You can share your ideas via a pen name. However, if you wish to share your personal info with your readers, you can use it as a mode to stay more connected with them. Your blog can be used as a medium to drive followers to your Instagram, Facebook etc. The next amazing thing about blogging is that you can turn it into a profitable hobby or if you wish to be a full time blogger, you can turn it into a full time job.

Let us now have a look at the cons of blogging. In the previous paragraph I mentioned about monetizing your blog. Well monetizing your blog wouldn’t fetch you much money unless you have many thousands of visitors reading your blog. The second con is that blogging isn’t as easy as it sounds. Writing blog posts are time consuming. The third con is driving traffic. Blogs take the route that it less taken when compared to YouTube channel. Getting readers to view your blog is much difficult than driving traffic to your YouTube channel. People usually prefer watching a cool video than reading a lengthy post. The next con is blogs are competitive. There are millions of blogs on the internet which often belong to the same niche, getting your blog to stand out among them requires lot of talent and hard work. Another con of blog is that when your readers have subscribed to your blog via email, they read your posts on email, which means that they do not go to your website to read the post. Blogging platforms do not usually advertise via email, at the time of writing this post. This means that you don’t make any money on advertisements, when people don’t go to your website.

Let us now move to YouTube channel. YouTube too has similar pros like blog but in addition there are some other pros YouTube has, that blogs do not have. YouTube is a platform that drives millions of visitors to its platform unlike blog platforms. It is easy to go viral on YouTube than on blog platforms. Another pro about YouTube is that when a person watches your video, there is a high chance that she or he might watch other videos on your channel and even subscribe. This doesn’t happen that often in blog, unless you have related posts on, on your blog or if your reader has subscribed to your blog via email. The next pro is that creating an YouTube channel is absolutely free, whereas getting a custom domain and running a blog requires money. Another pro of YouTube channel is that it is easier to build a fan base and gain their trust, since they are able to hear your voice and see your face. This fan base can be used to generate traffic to your website and YouTube can also be used as a sales funnel. For example, you can teach cooking recipes on YouTube and later drive your fan base to buy your cookbook on your website. Or you can teach some course for free on YouTube and later get your fan base to buy your teaching lessons or get memberships on your website.

The cons of YouTube is, editing and rendering videos is a time consuming process. People who are not comfortable on camera may not find YouTube as their cup of tea. However, there are other methods like animation etc. where one can make YouTube videos without being on the camera. The next con is YouTube like blog, too is competitive. However, people prefer to watch multiple videos on the same topic on YouTube, if the quality of your videos are good, then you can overcome competition with ease. On a relative scale YouTube is less competitive than blog.

Before we head to the conclusion, there is one more pro that I missed out on YouTube and that pro is you can monetize your videos on YouTube through ad and YouTube also pays for views. If you have good amount of subscribers who watch your videos, then you can make significant amount of money and you can also turn your profitable hobby into a fulltime job.

Well these were some pros and cons of blog and YouTube. I assume that this post was helpful to you. In the end it is your choice whether you want to start a blog or create an YouTube channel. If you prefer writing over video making, then go for a blog or if you prefer making videos over writing then create an YouTube channel.

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