Some Good Beauty Products I’ve Used

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In this post I’ll tell you about some of the good beauty products I’ve used.

Let’s begin with the face cream. I’ve got oily skin and back in the high school days I used Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic face cream. It was good in controlling the oilyness of the face and performed the task that face cream should do.

In my final year of high school I moved to Vicco Turmeric face cream.

I used Vicco Turmeric till my grade 12. Meanwhile there was a situation when I got few orange hairs in my beard and moustache and I thought that it could be due to excessive use of face cream. So I stopped using face creams from grade 12. I would like to add an interesting fact here, an experiment was conducted in my college on deciding which face cream was the best. Many creams participated in the experiment and once the experiment ended, it was found that Vicco Turmeric was the best among the participating creams.

Now let us move to the face wash. The first face wash I used was Himalaya Herbal Neem face wash. This was doing a good job and helped a lot for my oily skin.

The next good face wash I used was Oriflame North for Men face wash and scrub.

This face wash was really good and since it was also a scrub, it would make the skin smooth, post usage.

I would like to add an incident that happened with this face wash. Once I ordered this face wash on Amazon and it was not from a genuine seller. Therefore, the product I got was a counterfeit product. The bubble wrap it came with was fully damaged and black in colour. Besides that the product read scrub but it didn’t contain the scrubbing seeds. My face felt the harshness on the very first wash. I didn’t want to use it further. My dad listened to the incident and he said that he would use it to wash our car, instead of throwing the product into the dustbin. I said okay, and handed over the product to him. He used the face wash to wash the car and guess what happened next !!! The paint of the car was damaged. The car which glittered in its metallic paint turned into a pale coloured car. This incident made me sad and another point I would like to mention is, this product was not returnable. I wrote lengthy review about this product on Amazon, post the incident. And this is also the reason why I do not use affiliate links on my blog for all the things, except books. I lost my trust in online shopping and the only thing I shop online is books.

Now let us move to lip balm. The lip balm I use is from Jovees.

The lavender lip balm from this brand is amazing and I’ve also used the strawberry lip balm.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different post. Follow on Instagram for post notifications and follow preetham_raghu on Instagram to see posts related to photography. If you liked this post don’t forget to share it. See you next time. Byeeeee 🙂

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