Creating Office Space at Home

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In this post we’ll have a look at creating office space at home.

The emergence of Corona virus has caused millions of office goers to work from home (WFH). Many have embraced WFH but there are many who miss their office. To those who miss the aforementioned, this post provides some info on creating workspace at home.

The most common problems associated with WFH is back pain and neck pain. I’ve been working from home for quite a lot of time and even before the emergence of Corona virus. The reason why I faced neck pain was, I preferred to use laptop from my bed as I could stretch my legs. But that went awry. So the first thing I invested in was an office table and a comfy chair. I’ve been using this setup from quite a lot of time and it has reduced my back pain and neck pain issues to nil. The desk I use even has a leg rest and has proved to be quite useful. Well, that was my story.

The real estate prices in most cities are sky high and everyone reading this post mayn’t have huge homes to create working space. To those living in small studios I have some talk. You can definitely work from the couch or your bed.rnfetchblobtmp_1m1a8gd4gw307fj5qmkchhkrnfetchblobtmp_pupysbeiyxofsgg8kyj95

If you work from the bed or couch. I have a suggestion for you. Use pillows for proper back support and some sort of tiny table or pillows to raise the working height, so that you don’t get back pain or neck ache. If you live in cold cities and work from the sofa you can add rug to the floor or buy some cosy footwear to keep you warm.

To those living in a slightly bigger place you can even use your dining table or the island to create your workspace.rnfetchblobtmp_n8oaan8xr4b8aycn57kpif

To those who don’t prefer the above and want a home office, I have some tips for you. Before creating the workspace you should focus on the theme of the workspace. Whether you want a minimalist workspace or a flamboyant workspace.img_0744rnfetchblobtmp_2kxm5yrf1nckwj0ajtee9q

If you are going for a minimalist, clean and serene workspace, the first thing to do is the paint job, choose the right colour from the palette that soothes you and creates positive vibes when you are seated and working. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean going bare. You can add some flair in the form of geometrical shapes or even some painting.rnfetchblobtmp_hlomdywfq9uhqiqt7r2p

The next thing in minimalism is having less but essential items on the desk. A good investment to this setup would be an iPad and Apple pencil. The reason being you can take digital notes and have less paper and books on the table.rnfetchblobtmp_v4i7r8az347n5lhh9mkpt

If you are going for a flamboyant setup, one thing to keep in mind is to invest in table and racks that are easy to clean.


Another important thing to do in your WFH routine is to change places for a small time so that your WFH isn’t monotonous. Occasionally you could take your laptop to the coffee spot in the house and rest your legs on the ottoman while working.rnfetchblobtmp_bfo1r7ugkhgtbdil2990q

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different post. Byeeeeee ๐Ÿ™‚

Minimalism Lesson 01

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. Of late I was reading blogs on minimalism and I kind of liked this topic and got a gut feeling that you’d like this too. So without further adieu let’s hop onto Minimalism Lesson 01, where I talk about 5 important things to simplify in your life.

The first important thing to simplify in your life is your possessions. If you spend some time to throw some light on your unwanted possessions, you’ll realise that they drained your money and aren’t something that you can’t live without. Apart from draining your money, some possessions may also require constant or periodic maintenance, which sometimes drains further money and time. If the return on investment is low on such possessions, then you mayn’t regret the time spent on getting rid of it. When I say “getting rid of it”, I don’t necessarily mean “throw it”. Instead of throwing your possessions to the garbage bin, you can give your possessions to a close friend or family member or sell online to someone who finds value in your possessions and can make their life much better. An example of this is, after graduating college I got a pair of oxfords for my interview as a content writer, that interview didn’t go well and post that I never wore that oxford again as I didn’t attend anymore interviews nor do I wish to attend one, since I’ve got my own job. But what happened to that expensive oxford ? It’s lying in my shoe rack and I’ve got to periodically clean the dust on top of the shoe box it’s in. Now, what’s a good decision to do, should I throw it or give it to someone. The answer is give to my cousin who has a similar shoe size as mine. Well that was it for the first step in simplifying your life. Let’s move on.

The second important thing in simplifying your life is to manage your time commitments. Most of us work five or six days a week and our schedule is quite hectic. And on the days we don’t work we have something else to do, for example the laundry work. Most of us don’t have the freedom to wake up late in the morning and enjoy a hot cappuccino, while doing nothing else and just enjoy the sip in all it’s glory. But by rescheduling our household works, like laundry on a weekday post work can prevent you from laundry on weekends. It would be quite hectic to get the laundry done post work hours but if that’s done, then you’d have the weekend in whole and you can just RELAX.

The third step involved in simplifying your life is to have a limited amount of goals. There was a time when I’d miss my college bus and post that I’d visit the ground at half past seven in the morning and listen to Kanye West’s songs and have a goal of becoming a rapper but that goal was not practical and to mention there were more important goalsย  that were scheduled at that time and one of them was to get my degree. Having too many goals and ambitions keeps us away from being happy and enjoy the life to its fullest. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have goals but the number of goals should be within reach. Also you can group your goals into time frames and then work on it. The goals could be daily, quarterly, yearly or even span over a decade.

The fourth important thing to simplify your life is to stay away from toxic and negative people. Life is very short and one shouldn’t waste her/his life in dealing with negativeness.

The fifth step in simplifying your life is to get rid off debts. An important thing to note here is good debt and bad debt. An example of good debt is interest free EMIs. For example, you can own an iPhone at interest free EMIs at certain stores. Instead of paying full amount in one shot, you can save that amount in the bank to which you’ll be payed interest. However, you should note that this amount shouldn’t be spent on other things. Well, that was good debt, the bad debt doesn’t need an example, does it ?

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different post. Byeeeeee ๐Ÿ™‚



Being my own Boss

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In this post I’ll give you an insight on what being my own boss feels like.

Well, I quit my full time job as a supervisor and now I’m a full time blogger. Over the past few years I’ve learnt a couple of lessons and evolved.

Moving on to the main content, the biggest lesson I’ve learnt by being my own boss is, ‘There’s no shame in promoting myself.’. Selling my products through my personal Instagram and Facebook account was a bit uncomfortable in the start but as time passed I’ve become quite comfortable in doing the aforementioned.

The second important thing I’ve learnt by being my own boss is ‘It’s not easy’. Well compared to my previous job, my present job is a bit easy but yet there’s a lot of work that needs to be put everyday. But unlike my previous job, I get to have the biggest chunk of the pie a.k.a. profit. In simple words it could be said as ‘The hard work you put in is directly proportional to the profit or yield.’

The third cool thing about being my own boss is there’s no dress code. An example of this is, I’m in my most comfy clothes as I write this post.

The fourth amazing thing is I can work whenever I want unless I’m not put under any deadline when I’m collaborating with brands or fellow bloggers and influencers.

The fifth amazing thing is ‘I cannot be fired’. Well, when working for someone else, there is this small fear of getting fired. But when I’m my own boss the aforementioned thing doesn’t occur unless the rules are broken by me.

The above mentioned were some of the pros of being my own boss but being one’s own boss also comes with cons. The one con that I’ve faced is, there’s no security of a constant paycheck. The revenue may head in any direction and if the fundamentals of the industry is changing then one needs to quickly evolve and get tailored to the present needs. Inorder to understand this better let’s take an example. Some decades ago there were bell bottom pants and they ruled the fashion industry. But as time passed the trend was gone and the people involved with the clothing industry had to adopt to the change, if they didn’t then they’d be doomed to failure. Another example of this is the telephone booths. The advent of mobile phone made the aforementioned industry a thing of the past.

The nature of blogging too is changing in the present day. The advent of YouTube made many bloggers to turn into video content creators and in the near future YouTube also has the potential to work as a search engine as there are videos on most of the topics that one would usually search for.

Well folks, that was it for this post. A second part of this may come in the near future as I learn more lessons from being my own boss. If you do not want to miss on such posts, then kindly subscribe to my blog. You can just hit on the menu section on my blog and find an option to subscribe via email. See you next time with a different post, Byeeeee ๐Ÿ™‚