Adidas Cloudfoam Slides – Monsoon Review

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In this post I’ll be reviewing the Adidas cloudfoam slides and tell whether they are good for the monsoons or not.

I’ve had this slides for a good time now and the verdict that I’ll be giving regarding this slides for the monsoon is, “They are definitely not made for the monsoons.”

If you’ve read my previous review of the slides, you’d be knowing the three stratas of the slides. The middle layer or the cloudfoam layer absorbs water during downpour and it takes quite a lot of time to dry. If you step into dirty puddles then it’s even worse because there’s a chance that the slides may stink.

All in all, this slides are definitely not made for the monsoons. But one good thing about this slides is unlike conventional flip flops the water doesn’t jump on to your pants while walking.

Well that’s the review. I’ll be switching to conventional flip flops in the near time and ditch this slides. Also I’ve got thoughts on buying Crocs, since I haven’t tried them.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different post. Byeeeee 🙂

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