iPhone 6s in 2020

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. I got an iPhone 6s for my birthday gift last year and it’s been more than an year now and I’ll be reviewing it in this post.

The price of this phone was INR 29900 but I bargained at the store and got it for INR 28000. The price of this phone was pretty decent for what it offered. However, there were plenty of android phones that offered more for this price. But I’m an Apple fanboy and I love the operating system i.e. iOS and hence I chose this phone over its competitors. Another point that I’d like to mention is, I buy iPhones after depreciation because they cost less and stand the test of times.

First thing first, the looks of this phone is pretty good. Moving on, this phone has a decent camera and can shoot videos in 4K at 30 frames per second. It has decent speakers and I guess this was the last iPhone with headphone jack. The earphones that it comes with is pretty good and I love it a lot. I prefer this earphones over my JBL headphones.

At the time of writing this post the phone was running on iOS 13.5.1. And recently I saw a video on YouTube which said Apple would be releasing iOS 14 for this particular model of iPhone too.

Well, moving on to what I do on this phone, I use it for calls, social media, listening to music and creating thumbnails for my blog using the default Notes app, Pages app and a paid app called PicsArt. I also use this phone for checking my blog stats and uploading photos to my blog. This phone can do pretty much everything a phone is supposed to do and does it pretty brilliantly. Some time back I shot an YouTube video in 4K on this phone and edited it using InShot on the phone.

Some things I hate about this phone is the Files app and poor battery that drains quite quickly. Sometimes I feel this phone is a used one and refurbished because of the rate at which the battery drains, eventhough this was a brand new phone. Many of you reading this post may have a question on whether it lags ? The only time I felt a lag on this phone was when I was playing music and also playing Subway Surfers simultaneously. This problem occurs only once in a blue moon and doesn’t occur always. I’ve also played games like Asphalt 9 and Angry Birds on this phone and it worked pretty brilliantly. The phone occasionally heats up when you are multitasking and it used to heat when I played Asphalt 9. These were the only problems I faced with this phone.

Moving on to the question on whether this phone is suitable for 2020, I say YES because this phone offers iOS and can handle things in a quite good manner and secondly you don’t need $1000 phone for scrolling Instagram or making calls.

Now the question is should you buy this phone in 2020 ? The answer is NO because you can get an iPhone 7 for a pretty decent amount and also there are android phones that offer much more. However, if you are low on budget and want an iOS device you can give it a shot because even I was low on budget but I love iOS over android and that’s why I got this phone. I usually use a phone only for a year or so because I get bored too easily and I get a new phone every year. I’m just waiting for my mom’s three year old iPhone 6 to age so that I can give my phone to her and buy an iPhone 7.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different post. Byeeeeeee 🙂


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