Being my own Boss

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In this post I’ll give you an insight on what being my own boss feels like.

Well, I quit my full time job as a supervisor and now I’m a full time blogger. Over the past few years I’ve learnt a couple of lessons and evolved.

Moving on to the main content, the biggest lesson I’ve learnt by being my own boss is, ‘There’s no shame in promoting myself.’. Selling my products through my personal Instagram and Facebook account was a bit uncomfortable in the start but as time passed I’ve become quite comfortable in doing the aforementioned.

The second important thing I’ve learnt by being my own boss is ‘It’s not easy’. Well compared to my previous job, my present job is a bit easy but yet there’s a lot of work that needs to be put everyday. But unlike my previous job, I get to have the biggest chunk of the pie a.k.a. profit. In simple words it could be said as ‘The hard work you put in is directly proportional to the profit or yield.’

The third cool thing about being my own boss is there’s no dress code. An example of this is, I’m in my most comfy clothes as I write this post.

The fourth amazing thing is I can work whenever I want unless I’m not put under any deadline when I’m collaborating with brands or fellow bloggers and influencers.

The fifth amazing thing is ‘I cannot be fired’. Well, when working for someone else, there is this small fear of getting fired. But when I’m my own boss the aforementioned thing doesn’t occur unless the rules are broken by me.

The above mentioned were some of the pros of being my own boss but being one’s own boss also comes with cons. The one con that I’ve faced is, there’s no security of a constant paycheck. The revenue may head in any direction and if the fundamentals of the industry is changing then one needs to quickly evolve and get tailored to the present needs. Inorder to understand this better let’s take an example. Some decades ago there were bell bottom pants and they ruled the fashion industry. But as time passed the trend was gone and the people involved with the clothing industry had to adopt to the change, if they didn’t then they’d be doomed to failure. Another example of this is the telephone booths. The advent of mobile phone made the aforementioned industry a thing of the past.

The nature of blogging too is changing in the present day. The advent of YouTube made many bloggers to turn into video content creators and in the near future YouTube also has the potential to work as a search engine as there are videos on most of the topics that one would usually search for.

Well folks, that was it for this post. A second part of this may come in the near future as I learn more lessons from being my own boss. If you do not want to miss on such posts, then kindly subscribe to my blog. You can just hit on the menu section on my blog and find an option to subscribe via email. See you next time with a different post, Byeeeee 🙂