Creating Office Space at Home

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In this post we’ll have a look at creating office space at home.

The emergence of Corona virus has caused millions of office goers to work from home (WFH). Many have embraced WFH but there are many who miss their office. To those who miss the aforementioned, this post provides some info on creating workspace at home.

The most common problems associated with WFH is back pain and neck pain. I’ve been working from home for quite a lot of time and even before the emergence of Corona virus. The reason why I faced neck pain was, I preferred to use laptop from my bed as I could stretch my legs. But that went awry. So the first thing I invested in was an office table and a comfy chair. I’ve been using this setup from quite a lot of time and it has reduced my back pain and neck pain issues to nil. The desk I use even has a leg rest and has proved to be quite useful. Well, that was my story.

The real estate prices in most cities are sky high and everyone reading this post mayn’t have huge homes to create working space. To those living in small studios I have some talk. You can definitely work from the couch or your bed.rnfetchblobtmp_1m1a8gd4gw307fj5qmkchhkrnfetchblobtmp_pupysbeiyxofsgg8kyj95

If you work from the bed or couch. I have a suggestion for you. Use pillows for proper back support and some sort of tiny table or pillows to raise the working height, so that you don’t get back pain or neck ache. If you live in cold cities and work from the sofa you can add rug to the floor or buy some cosy footwear to keep you warm.

To those living in a slightly bigger place you can even use your dining table or the island to create your workspace.rnfetchblobtmp_n8oaan8xr4b8aycn57kpif

To those who don’t prefer the above and want a home office, I have some tips for you. Before creating the workspace you should focus on the theme of the workspace. Whether you want a minimalist workspace or a flamboyant workspace.img_0744rnfetchblobtmp_2kxm5yrf1nckwj0ajtee9q

If you are going for a minimalist, clean and serene workspace, the first thing to do is the paint job, choose the right colour from the palette that soothes you and creates positive vibes when you are seated and working. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean going bare. You can add some flair in the form of geometrical shapes or even some painting.rnfetchblobtmp_hlomdywfq9uhqiqt7r2p

The next thing in minimalism is having less but essential items on the desk. A good investment to this setup would be an iPad and Apple pencil. The reason being you can take digital notes and have less paper and books on the table.rnfetchblobtmp_v4i7r8az347n5lhh9mkpt

If you are going for a flamboyant setup, one thing to keep in mind is to invest in table and racks that are easy to clean.


Another important thing to do in your WFH routine is to change places for a small time so that your WFH isn’t monotonous. Occasionally you could take your laptop to the coffee spot in the house and rest your legs on the ottoman while working.rnfetchblobtmp_bfo1r7ugkhgtbdil2990q

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different post. Byeeeeee 🙂

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