Blue Shoes

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In this post I’ll be sharing some thoughts on my new blue shoes.

This new shoes that I bought is from Fun in Fifth Gear and costs INR 5490. It looks quite good and goes well with casual occasions. I’ve just worn it once since I’ve got it. The shoe is decent and comfy but initially it was a bit tight on my right foot. But the tightness eased and got comfy after some time. I got another shoes, which is black in colour but that shoe lacked premiumness and had a very dull interior. When compared to that black shoes, this blue shoes has a better interior and an excellent exterior. The price did feel a little expensive initially but after wearing it for some time the price was justifiable. The laces on this shoe is quite dull and pale when compared to the outer colour of the shoe.

The other blue shoes I had prior to this was from Buckaroo, Ruosh and Puma BMW edition. All of them stood the test of time and eventually wore out. This blue shoes is a new addition to my blue shoe arsenal.

Well folks, those were my first impressions and thoughts on my new blue shoes. See you next time with a different post. Follow on Instagram to get notified about my new posts. Byeeeee 🙂

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