What’s the ideal number of friends one should have ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post we’ll have a look at what’s the ideal number of friends one should have.

There was a study conducted by British anthropologist Mr. Robin Dunbar and according to him the ideal number of friends one can have meaningful relationships is 148, when rounded of the number becomes 150.

Well I heard about it back when I was in college and it made sense to me. Most of my classmates and friends had more number of friends than the Dunbar’s number, well since all the friends they had cannot be called actual friends, the more suitable word would be acquaintances. Initially I kind of felt odd listening to the huge number of friends most of my friends had. But now I feel that they were correct when accepting friend requests and follow requests on social media. And the reason isn’t the number of likes they get on their posts but the reason is BUSINESS. When you’ve got a huge list of friends or fan following you need not spend huge money on advertisements. Well had I known that some day I’d be an entrepreneur I would have definitely tried to connect with more people back in my student life.

Well having too many friends comes with cons too. When you’ve got too many friends, you’ve got to think many times before posting on social media. If you post something that doesn’t gel well or hurt the viewers sentiments, there’s a high chance of you ruining your image. And this so called Image is very essential in getting the business done. If your image is positive and your portfolio strong there’s a good chance of you converting your followers into potential customers or affiliates.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeeee 🙂

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