Why I chose to be a blogger ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my thoughts on why I chose to be a blogger.

Before we begin, let me share a small intro. Well, basically I’m a mechanical engineer and I’ve got some experience in that field, which includes internship from the Indian Space Research Organization a.k.a. ISRO, a solo project from Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and also a few months of work experience as a supervisor in my dad’s friend’s garage, to mention a few.

Well, enough of exaggeration, let’s get back to business and hit a bull’s eye on the title of this post. The first reason why I chose to be a blogger was to share my thoughts with the world. Sounds cool doesn’t it ? Back in my school days I used to study well and studies were my main target and I gave zero importance to the rest of the things that people of the same age gave importance to. But as I hit my first year of college, my concentration was no longer towards studies, instead I spent most of my time towards fashion and social media. When I moved to engineering I used the high speed internet of my university’s library to browse and binge watch the internet. I came across amazing content creators related to fashion and business. And I wanted to do the same. But I wanted to play safe and didn’t want to drop out of college to carry out my passion. I wanted a backup if my passion did not hit the right trajectory and hence forth a degree was quite quintessential.

I started my blog in December of 2016 and since then I’ve posted quite a few blog posts sharing my thoughts. The initial phase was slow, especially as I didn’t want my classmates to know about my blog, as I feared of getting trolled. But moving on I got the courage to tell people about my blog and I also no longer used a pen name to write my posts. Well, if you are new here you may not know my pen name. My pen name was Matte Blue Parker which carries its name from the ball pen I used in college.

Well, we’ve almost come to the end of this post and haven’t talked yet about one of the biggest factors that people choose to become bloggers. This factor too was one of the factors why I chose to be a blogger. And what’s that factor. Do you have a guess ? Woohoo, you got that right honey, it’s MONEY. I was a big fan of reading business magazines and the common thing that I found out in most billion dollar companies is, they had a global presence. If there was a mode to start a global brand from the comfort of my sofa, then it was to start a blog.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeeeee 🙂

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