Jeans Battle

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be talking about jeans pant from two of my favourite brands. The first brand is called Westside and the second one is called Wrangler. I am a customer of Westside since my middle school and a customer of Wrangler since my college days. Westside used to make budget jeans, they still do make it but it feels a bit pricy and the real reason behind this could be inflation. On the other hand Wrangler is a brand that’s on the pricier side. Both these brands are amazing but have a few downfall too. When compared side by side the winner in terms of design and colour is Wrangler. When it comes to comfort Westside is the better one between the two ( with respect to pencil fit and skinny jeans ). The reason why Wrangler isn’t too good in comfort with respect to taper end pants is they feel too tight on the calf muscle and below it. A benefit of this is you need not alter the bottom end of the pant unlike Westside jeans. I’m not a tall dude and yet I can wear the Wrangler pant without altering the bottom and it looks pretty good too. On the other hand Westside makes taper end pants that are slightly baggy and hence I need to get the pant altered. The Wrangler pant ends at the bottom of the ankle while the Westside ones don’t. When it comes to ruggedness and toughness Wrangler is a clear win. I had an accident where I fell from a scooter, back when I was is grade 12 and believe me there wasn’t a single mark on my legs post the accident and neither did the pant tear. Post the accident I had bruises on the upper part of my body but the legs were safe and clean like a foetus in the amniotic sac. The same parameter with the Westside jeans is different, my year and a half old Westside jeans tore recently, (I pushed it to its limits through rough usage, I worked in a garage for some time and it was my go to pant since I did not want oil stains on my expensive pant). Moving on to elasticity at waist both pants are good but Westside is slightly better. Moving on to the end of this post, I would say that there isn’t a clear winner among the two since both has its own pros and cons. A third brand which possess some good features in terms of design and comfort is Lee. I owned a Lee pant in my grade ten, the only problem with it was the colour faded quite early and also I did not test its toughness. As we get closer to the end I would like to say that an amalgam of all the aforementioned good qualities would make a good jeans.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂

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