Nike Renew Review

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be reviewing the Nike Renew.

If I have to describe the shoe and my experience using it, then the word would be average. My previous running shoe prior to this was Nike Zoom which was very light weight and easy on the legs. However, since that shoe wasn’t too sturdy the shock absorption quotient was pretty less. Coming to Renew, this shoes are quite heavy compared to the latter and yet it fails in shock absorption quotient. Another reason why I felt so could be that I’ve put on weight. When it comes to style quotient this shoe is amazing and I feel that it can compete with good quality casual shoes. Hang on, I’ll show the image.

Moving further, if we talk about the price of the shoe, it is decent if you get it during the sale. The actual MRP however feels quite expensive and without the discount the shoe isn’t worth the buck. Back during my college days I used to wear running shoes even though the college asked us to wear formal shoes and the reason is comfort all day. However, running shoes didn’t fit the attire. When it comes to Nike Renew if Nike makes it much more comfy then it would be a show stealer. Renew looks good on Jeans and denims too.

I was reading reviews on Renew on the internet and I found this one.

The gentlemen in his review says that the shoes were slippery. I personally didn’t find it much slippery. I tried the shoes on wet tarmac and cobble stones and the shoes remained in grip.

Well folks, that was the review. See you next time with a different post . Byeeeee 🙂

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