How to move on after a breakup ?

How to move on after breakup ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post we’ll have a look at how to move on after breakup.

The first thing to analyse after the breakup is ‘Whose fault was it ?’ If you feel that it was your fault and you had committed a blunder then the next thing to do is to apologise because sometimes you’ll have to lose in order to gain. When it comes to relationship it doesn’t matter who wins because at the end of the day the couple wins. However, if you feel that the mistake was from the other side and some mistakes can’t be forgiven (cheating etc.) then you might just embrace separation and move on.

The second thing to do after a breakup is to stay calm and patient and not hurry to find someone new. The reason for this is, when you are in a hurry you might make wrong choices. You might feel that it’s very essential to find someone new and update your social media account with your new found love and you both saying cheese but this has both negative and positive effects. The negative is already mentioned earlier and the positive is, if you keep worrying about your past you are gonna miss your future. And another important thing to mention here is ‘youth’. As you get old you are gonna lose your charm and enthusiasm and your life’s going to have new hurdles. If you miss the golden days just weeping and thinking about past, you’d be wasting a huge chunk of time that could have been spent in all glory.

The next thing to do after a breakup is to find out whether your past love was infatuation or true love. The mistake most people make is they tend to not notice the fine line between the two. If it was just infatuation then the relationship couldn’t survive in the long run because in the long run there could be several aspects that you both don’t agree on. However, true love is accepting the cons and embracing the other beautiful things your significant other excels in.

The fourth thing to take into consideration is your future plans. I had a friend of mine who broke up with his girlfriend because he felt that it was a waste of time. This particular lad was topper in my class and according to him you could filter the person you want to be with in the due course of time. For example imagine this lad makes it to HBS or Stanford for his post graduation, then he could find someone that’s equivalent to him and amalgamate better since both share similar strengths, ideologies, passion etc. Many of you may find this contradictory because earlier I mentioned that you need to embrace cons in case of true love but here I talk different. Well the reason for this is as we get older we get better at SWOT analysis. For those of you who didn’t understand what SWOT means, here’s the full form, SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats. Well this is more of a business term but these days one needs to have a check on SWOT too because imagine you are a millionaire but after a breakup (divorce) you are left with only half a million. We’ve all seen billion dollar breakups, so girls and boys better be careful before using that cheesy pickup line. If you pick the wrong dude or babe you are gonna regret it in the future.

The fifth thing to do after a breakup is to up your fitness and style game. Boy how about getting that perfect popping abs and girl how about choosing a colourful outfit over the regular and lack lustred jeans.

The sixth thing to do after a breakup is to hangout with your near and dear ones. If you share your sorrows with those who uplift you then you could get over your past real quick.

The seventh thing to do after a breakup is to spend your time with hobbies that make you happy and glow. Well got a hobby that can be monetised, good that’s even better.

Well folks that was it for this post. The second part of this may be coming soon. Byeee 🙂

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