Can we expect a budget iPhone with 5G real quick ?

Can we expect a budget iPhone with 5G real quick ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’d be throwing some light on whether we could expect a budget iPhone with 5G in the coming weeks.

Well I belong to that tribe that buys iPhones after they’ve depreciated. But since 5G is coming real soon I feel that buying the older iphones doesn’t make sense. The only iPhones that currently supports 5G is the iPhone 12 lineup. So there’s a chance that Apple might roll out budget iPhones with 5G real soon.

I’m currently using an iPhone 6S and boy it’s pretty dope and on par for my day to day needs. But I thought of upgrading to iPhone 7 Plus due to its larger screen that would be helpful for trading stocks. I couldn’t find 7 Plus on online stores and I found iPhone 7 with 32 gigs for under 25 grand INR, which is a real steal and bang for the buck. However, the sad thing is they (7lineup) and even the budget SE doesn’t come with 5G. So if Apple rolls out budget iPhone then the older iPhones may depreciate further or vanish since they don’t support 5G.

So folks, what’s your take on this ?Should one wait for the budget iPhone with 5G or go with the outgoing models ?

DM your answers at preetham_raghu on Instagram. See you next time with a different post. Take care. Byeee 🙂

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