Tips for my 18 year old self

Tips for my 18 year old self.

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be giving out tips for my 18 year old self. If you too are young, this post could be of some use to you.

The first tip I’d give myself is – start a blog. Well by starting a blog I could share my opinions and views with the world and in turn it would be a mode to earn some bucks. The reason why I feel I had to start blogging quite early was that I did plenty of cool stuff back during my teens and most of them were worth blogging. And by starting early I would have compounded my growth. If you too are in your teens and are planning of starting a blog my advice is “Please Start.”

However there are cons of starting way too early too. If you aren’t someone too mature in your thoughts there’s a chance that people might judge your immaturity. So the golden rule is ‘learn first and earn next’.

The second tip I’d give 18 year old me is to spend less time on social media. It was just few years since the inception of social media and most youngsters wasted their valuable time consuming content and spending less time on more important things. I was one such dude and I regret doing it, especially since the time wasted cannot be brought back.

The third tip I would give myself is ‘Destination is equally important as the journey.’ Most people refer the aforementioned sentence in a different manner because they feel that journey is more important than the destination but if you look at the differences in pay between the ones that graduate from the Ivy League and similar, to that of the regular colleges, you could notice that the difference is sky high. In fact the biggest problem these days is under employment. Well being a dude who learnt state of the art mathematics and then apply for the post of a sales person, I definitely regret spending much of my effort on the journey instead of the destination.

The fourth tip I’d give myself is “ To get a girlfriend.” Well if you too are a single pringle but not ready to mingle, you might regret and say ‘I wasted my youth being single.’,in the future. However, if you are someone who’s focused on the destination rather than the journey then I’d say GIRL you are on the right path. For more information regarding the aforementioned check out my post prior to this one.

The fifth tip I’d give myself is to increase my brand value. Well folks if you are still young and are planning to be an entrepreneur in the future, then be sure to hold your brand value at the top because if you don’t, then people won’t pay huge fortunes for your product or service.

The sixth tip I’d give myself is to be a polyglot. Well I speak five languages and I feel I could do better. I spent four years during my under graduation with Malayalees and yet I haven’t learnt to speak Malayalam. The reason I feel that I should have learnt Malayalam is because if I ever need to bargain in the aforementioned language I’d be better at striking a deal.

The seventh tip I’d give myself is to not bunk classes. When you are a student you have an urge to bunk classes and spend that time on something else but boy I feel that this isn’t correct. And the reason is as follows, many of you might have heard a saying that failures are the stepping stone to success but that doesn’t mean you should compulsorily fail in order to succeed. My suggestion is learn from others failures and experiences rather than you single handedly risk stuff in order to be successful. If you have teachers who tell their life experiences in order to make the class and concepts clearer then bunking the classes might cost you.

Well those were the seven tips I wish I knew when I was 18. Saying that I’d be drawing the curtains down to this post. See you next time with a different one, Byeeeee 🙂

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