Living with half a dozen email addresses

Living with half a dozen email addresses.

Hello folks welcome to CCB and in today’s post we’ll have a look at pros and cons of having multiple email addresses.

First thing first, to be honest I have 7 email addresses out of which 6 are actively used.

The first pro of having multiple email addresses is you can segregate emails based on needs. The needs could be bank use, social media use, shopping, work, personal use, ultra important etc. The reason why one should segregate emails into different addresses is you get to know which one is used for which case. For example if you get an email related to bank account or other financial data to your email address that has been sorted only for personal use, then you could be 100 % sure that something is fishy and you could prevent yourself from clicking on the wrong email which could even have malicious content. That was one of the case. The second case is shopping. Back in my college days I was taught of data mining and I had a brief intro into how businesses collect data and use it for their benefit. By collecting data regarding one’s shopping behaviour one can know the behaviour of the customer better than the customer herself/himself. The aforementioned could be used to make the customer spend more or make the customer buy though the customer isn’t in need of the article being sold etc. Therefore I opted to not give my email addresses to businesses I interact with (shop with). However there were some cons of doing so. The first con was I missed out on attractive offers and discounts when I decided not to share my email address with the company. Few years back I was preparing for an exam and I was frequently buying books but I decided not to create a membership account with that business because they’d know my shopping behaviour and they’d lure me into buying more and also on the other hand they’d spam my inbox. The decision to not create a membership account was good but very lately I realised that I was missing out on discounts. After this incident I decided to share my email address that was meant only for shopping with the business like them and more. So by creating an email ID just for shopping I prevented businesses from spamming my ultra important genre and the likes and yes I got the discounts too.

Well the above paragraph may have sounded pretty cool to many but not for those tech savvy chaps and beauties who know better email management than me. Yes, and here’s the reason. If you feel a company is spamming you, you could just unsubscribe them. On the other hand you could also add filters to your gmail account. Filters creates folders within gmail for emails based on the sender and you could also add eye popping labels to the filter. For example an email saying URGENT in red hue can be used to make an email from a sender pop out to your eyes so that you don’t miss out on reading them.

Well those were for the tech savvy dudes and girls who know the various settings in their email app but for the general public having multiple addresses is the way to go. The reason being if you have only one email address and it gets hacked you lose on all your data. Remember the saying ‘Keep your eggs in different baskets.’. So if you drop one basket you lose only a few and the rest are safe.

With many people using their email apps on their phone, managing multiple email addresses is no more a hassle. Apps like gmail allow you to use multiple addresses and receive notifications for them.

Well, that was a wrap for this post. See you next time. Before leaving the page kindly spend some seconds to check my other posts on this website. You may like them and it could be of some use to you.

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