Wild Dog – Movie Review

Wild Dog – Movie Review

Hello folks, welcome to CCB, in today’s post I’ll be reviewing the movie Wild Dog.

Wild Dog is a Telugu movie starring Nagarjuna. The movie is based on a true story wherein the officers of National Investigation Agency a.k.a. NIA conduct an operation to bring back the hiding mastermind of some of the blasts that occurred in India.

The movie is decent and the storyline is simple. If you followed the news when the bomb blast incidents happened in the country, then the movie doesn’t offer much surprises and the incidents within the movie is quite predictable.

I watched this movie in a town in Karnataka where there’s less Telugu population. So the crowd in the theatre were quite dissatisfied with some of the incidents in the movie and the reason could be that they had no knowledge about the cast. I was a bit disappointed with that. One of the incident where the crowd laughed was during an action sequence that didn’t go well. But I didn’t laugh and the reason was I knew the age of the actor. At 61 years the hero did put on a good show. However, some action scenes could have been better and more realistic.

My cousin who was with me compared this movie with Extraction and said that “Wild Dog was more like domestic dog” and I was a bit disappointed with that. Well I haven’t watched Extraction yet and the next movie I’d be watching would be Extraction and I’ll be reviewing it, so do subscribe for this blog.

Moving on back to the review, the movie pays tribute to officers who risk their life and other worldly pleasures to keep their country safe. The identity of most such heroes go unnoticed and for general public this could be a good watch to know about the aforementioned.

On the other hand the movie doesn’t offer songs like traditional desi films and the script goes pretty well. The movie also contains some bad words.

So folks, with that I’d be drawing the curtains down to this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee. 🙂

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