iPhone 12 – First Impressions

iPhone 12 – First Impressions

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. Today I got an iPhone 12 and in this post I’d be briefing on it.

I got the 128 GB model in green colour. When some of the YouTubers showed the green coloured iPhone I didn’t like the colour and I felt that it was too pale. But recently I saw one girl unboxing the green colour model of the iPhone 12 and I kinda liked it. Aww there I go, that made my mind stick to the green colour. I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 5S and all my iPhones till date were in Space Grey colour. This was the first time I moved my mind from the usual tradition.

Moving on to the question ‘Why I got the 128 GB model ?’ The answer is, I’d like to have this phone for more than an year. I click a lot of photos and install quite a lot of apps, besides that the software updates consume a huge chunk of memory, therefore I picked the 128 GB model and the reason why I didn’t go for the 256 GB model was, it was too pricey.

Let me now talk about how the new phone feels. The phone I previously had was 4.7 inch with respect to the display size and this new phone has a 6.1 inch display. The difference may not seem big but the difference do feels good with respect to some things. And one such thing is text size. I’m writing this post on my new found love (iPhone 12) and I don’t have my spectacles on and yet it feels easy on the eyes. Besides that as I type I can see a good amount of text of what I’m writing in spite of the keyboard consuming good amount of screen real estate. For a person who blogs from a phone this screen size does come in handy. Moving on further the brightness is adjusted according to the surrounding and this feature is better on this phone than my previous phone and if I’m not wrong I guess this is called ‘True Tone’. The next good thing about the display is that it is OLED. However, I don’t find it to be too different from conventional display. When I first saw an iPhone 12 Mini in a mall, couple of months back, I found it (OLED display)to be pretty good but after spending some decent time with my new iPhone 12 I find it to be pretty normal and nothing too special.

Moving on to why I chose 12 and not 12 Mini is because of the battery size. I’m a day trader apart from being a blogger and I don’t want the juice to go down too quickly. Well that was one reason for not choosing 12 Mini. The reason why I didn’t go for the Pro or Pro Max was it was pricey and I didn’t want a telephoto lens or LIDAR.

Moving on to complaints about this phone, the only faults I found was, the phone gets hot while charging and the speakers aren’t too good for a phone of this price (I just played one song on Gaana).

Well that was my first impressions with this phone. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂

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