Things to look out for while buying a pant.

Things to look out for while buying a pant.

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be talking about the things I look out for while buying a pant.

The first thing I look out for is the pockets. I prefer pockets that are similar to the ones in denim, which is more upright than sideways opening. The reason being my mobile phone doesn’t fall when the pocket is upright. I haven’t worn formal pants in a while so I don’t remember if formal pants come with upright or sideways pocket, my gut feeling says that they come with sideways pocket. In such a scenario going for a deep pocket is kinda good so that the phone doesn’t stick out.

The second thing to look out for is the zip. Most brands have their logo even on the zip and it is a way to determine whether the pant is genuine or fake.

The number of belt loops. I am fond of this brand called Wrangler and their signature was that their pants had seven belt loops. But recently I bought two of them in Shoppers Stop and neither of the two had seven belt loops. I don’t know if Wrangler still makes pant with seven belt loops. Enough of that story. But yeah, that’s another way of finding if the pant is fake.

Well the next thing I check out for is elasticity and fit. Elasticity because I put on weight and lose calories real quick and often there are times I can’t wear a pant just two months post purchase. When it comes to fit I prefer pencil fit but of late I do like wider fit. The reason why I go for pencil fit is, most often I don’t get my pant tailored post purchase and I’m not a tall guy, so pencil fit pants end up where it has to end. However according to YouTuber Aaron Marino that’s not the proper way of wearing pants. So boy, getting the pants tailored is essential.

Well folks that ends this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂

Lockdown and Stale Food

Lockdown and Stale Food

Have you ordered food from your favourite restaurants and found the food to be stale ? Well this could not be a regular issue but during the lockdown it pretty much is.

I got takeaway food from some of my favourite restaurants that are operating during the lockdown and I found the food to be lacking in quality. First thing first a huge population have moved to their hometown and therefore the number of people visiting or ordering food from restaurants have declined. Second thing is, the restaurants operating aren’t able to sell / empty their produce a.k.a. food. The result of the aforementioned leads to delivery of stale food to customers. If you are a non vegetarian then some days can be crucial. Due to religious beliefs many don’t consume non veg food on certain days of the week like Monday, Saturday etc. So if you are going to order food on Tuesday, you are most likely to get the unsold food from Monday. And this thing is pretty hard to digest ( referred in the other connotation ).

Well saying that I don’t blame the restaurants. If I was in their place maybe I’d have done the same. In fact we have to appreciate the fact that they are serving during the pandemic and providing food to those who can’t cook or depend entirely on restaurants for food.

Well, those were my thoughts. What’s your take on this ?