What’s on my iPhone ?

What’s on my iPhone ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll Be be briefing you regarding the apps I use.

Let’s start with social media. The social media apps I use are,

◦ Instagram

◦ Facebook

◦ Twitter

◦ WhatsApp

◦ LinkedIn

◦ Gmail

There’s no need to say more on these because almost all of you know these apps. In addition to these I was using Telegram but now I don’t use it. One benefit of Telegram is you can use it to download pdfs of books, and movies from various Telegram channels. But before you do that you should check whether doing the aforementioned is legal in your country. If you are an iPhone user you can’t use it to download movies ( you can download the movie but it doesn’t play ) whereas on Android the movies end up in file manager and the movie could be played.

Another social media app I used to use was Hike. Hike is from India and it had a timeline feature similar to Facebook and I had only close friends on my Hike friends list. Photos and text that I wanted to share with my close friends was done by me using this app.

Now let us move to blogging apps. The apps I use are,

◦ WordPress

◦ Pexels

◦ Pixabay

◦ Notes

I use Notes to write down blog posts and then I copy the text and paste it in WordPress. For royalty free images and videos I use Pexels and Pixabay.

Let’s now move onto games. The games I currently have on my phone are,

◦ Asphalt 9

◦ SimCity

◦ Subway Surf

To know more about the games I play, checkout my blog post ‘List of My Favourite Games’.

Now let’s get to productivity apps.

The apps I use are,

◦ Safari

◦ Opera

◦ Duolingo

◦ WordWeb

◦ Files

◦ Calculator

◦ SwiftScan

◦ Google drive

Safari and Opera are browsers. Safari has reader mode wherein the text becomes large for compatible sites and if you use dark mode the screen gets dark and the text gets white in order to reduce strain on your eyes. Opera has an option to prevent ads on websites, so I use it. Opera Mini was my go to browser since my college days. Duolingo is a language learning app and I use it to learn German. WordWeb is a dictionary for iOS and it is decent. The paid version of the app has an option where you can hear the words, if you are someone who mispronounces a lot then this app is a good one. The free version of this app uses iPhone’s text-to-speech function wherein you can hear the words for free. SwiftScan is an app I use to scan documents, earlier it was known as Scanbot. If you are an android user check out this app called ‘Dolphin Browser’, this app has dark mode and reader view.

Let’s now move onto finance apps. The apps I use are,

◦ Kite

◦ Moneycontrol

◦ CNBC TV 18

◦ Stocks

◦ Yahoo Finance

◦ Google Pay

◦ PhonePe

◦ Paytm

I use Kite to trade stocks, Moneycontrol to checkout info like top gainers, volume etc. I use CNBC TV 18 to watch live news. If the market is heading in a particular direction and you want to know the reason then CNBC TV 18 is a good app. I use Stocks and Yahoo Finance to check price of the stocks. Yahoo Finance also tells you info like 52 week high etc. I use Google Pay for money transfer, Paytm to pay electricity bill and book train tickets, PhonePe to transact with those who don’t use Google Pay or Paytm. In addition to these apps I was using ET Markets too.

Let’s now move onto media apps. The media apps I use are,

◦ Gaana

◦ Wynk Music

◦ Hotstar

◦ Podcasts

I use Gaana to listen to music. Wynk to set my hello tune. Hotstar to watch cricket match and podcasts to listen to podcasts. If you’ve made it this far here’s some bonus content. Check out this podcast called ‘6 Minute Vocabulary’ and ‘2000 Books’. They are good, however in 2000 Books the host often beats around the bush by explaining how he built his business.

Let’s now move onto news apps. The news apps I use are,

◦ Indian Express

◦ Mint

◦ ET


I use TOI in Kannada to be in touch with my Kannada fluency. The apps I used earlier were The Hindu and Businessline, but now you have to pay to read them, so I don’t use them anymore and use the aforementioned alternatives.

Let’s now move onto shopping apps. The shopping apps I use are,

◦ Amazon

◦ Flipkart

◦ Myntra

The only app from which I buy is Amazon and the only thing I shop is books. The reason behind this is is I’ve got counterfeit products in the past and I don’t like online shopping and I don’t mind paying premium for goods in the mall. The aforementioned is also the reason why I don’t do affiliate marketing to goods other than books. I use Flipkart and Myntra to just view the products they have. And also to checkout reviews.

Still stuck, don’t worry you’ve now reached the last part of this post. The other apps on my phone are,

◦ Medium

◦ Cricbuzz

◦ Passbook app from my bank

◦ Airtel Thanks

◦ Google Authenticator

I use Medium to read articles, Cricbuzz to check score, points table, schedule etc., Passbook to check my incoming and outgoing money, Airtel Thanks to pay my Airtel bill and Google Authenticator for two factor authentication.

Well folks, with that I draw the curtains down to this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂

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