Shaw Academy Review

Shaw Academy Review

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be reviewing Shaw Academy.

I have an Airtel postpaid plan and there was an offer, wherein I could subscribe to Shaw Academy for 12 months and the offer was free. So I subscribed to Shaw Academy. Shaw Academy has plenty of courses and the courses I opted for are

◦ Smartphone Photography

◦ Excel

◦ Creative Writing

◦ Stock Trading

◦ Digital Marketing and SEO.

Some of the courses are amazing and some are poor. The problem with Stock Trading course was with respect to volume. The volume was too low and I couldn’t hear anything, especially when the fan in my room was at full speed. Well the rest of the courses mentioned above fall under average and ultra good. For example, the Excel course was amazing and so was Digital Marketing and SEO (I haven’t completed the entire course yet).

Well, if you’d ask me how much I’d rate it on a 10 point scale. Then I would rate it a 7.5. The reason for this is, some of the content offered is better than free content on YouTube. And the reason for excluding the additional 2.5 rating is because of the following issues,

◦ There is no pause option or volume adjustment options. If you have to go to washroom while the class is going on then you’d have to carry your device with you. Or else you’d miss on the content. This problem was faced by me while I was using their website on my laptop. I don’t know if the same happens on their app. I had installed their app but I didn’t like it. There were some issues and moreover I prefer a bigger screen. If you want to learn stuff like Microsoft Excel, then streaming on laptop would be a better option than mobile phone.

◦ The second issue with S. A. was with respect to number of classes you could watch per week. Each course has a specified number of classes you could watch per week. If you are done with those, you cannot progress with the following classes immediately and you have to wait for next week. This happened with my class titled Smartphone Photography. I don’t know if the same happens with the rest of the courses. So if you happen to be someone who’d watch an entire TV series in a day. Then the aforementioned is a hassle. However there are benefits too, you don’t over-stress yourself while following the thing mentioned earlier.

Some good things about Shaw Academy are,

◦ They have a chat bot to which you can message your queries . When the educator asks questions, you can type your answer with the help of the chat bot. By the way the chat bot has a name and it’s called Morpheus.

◦ The second good thing with S.A. is you can change your schedule with respect to classes and also rewatch the classes if necessary.

Well, that sums up my review on Shaw Academy. See you next time with a different post. Byeee 🙂

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