iPhone 12 Review

iPhone 12 Review

Hello folks welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be reviewing iPhone 12.

I got this phone on April 27 2021 and I’ve used it for a while now. The major complaints with this phone are as follows,

◦ The phone heats up while charging. I use a 20W power adapter to charge my phone and when it charges between 20% – 80% the phone turns into an iron box. I googled for info on this and there were many people with the same issue and some of them mentioned that they were using an 18 watt charger.

◦ The second issue with this phone is with respect to build quality. I use the phone without a back case and recently it fell from my pocket and there was a small dent on one of the chamfered edges of the phone.

◦ The third issue with this phone is with respect to vibration. The rear of the phone vibrates partially on playing music or videos. I don’t know if it is a vibration or some sort of haptic feedback. I checked the settings to switch off this issue and I couldn’t find an option to do so.

Well those were the bad stuff. Let’s move onto the good stuff.

In my first impressions post I mentioned that the speaker was not up to the mark but on playing different songs I can definitely say that the speaker quality is amazing.

Next comes the display. I use the phone in dark mode so I really don’t find it too special. On YouTube some people complained of flickering issues with the display but having used the phone for a while now, I haven’t found any flickering issues.

The next good thing is with respect to battery. The phone charges real quick and lasts an entire day. However this may vary depending on the use case. I play games, use the phone as a hotspot device, type blog posts, Instagram, Twitter and some 4K 60 FPS video editing and it works fine. Recently I was screen recording while playing Asphalt 9 and there were issues with smoothness of the game.

The camera on this phone is good. Due to lockdown restrictions I haven’t had the opportunity to use it outdoors but for indoor photography the camera is decent. On the earlier iPhones there was an option to click square photos by just swiping for the square option but now it’s hidden in the aspect ratio section. The default setting is in 4:3 ratio.

When it comes to Face ID, it works amazingly. It recognises my face when I’m wearing spectacles and also without beard. It works well in low light situation too.

The notch. Most apps use screen real estate in such a way that the notch isn’t distracting. On the left of the notch the time will be displayed and on the right, network strength and battery status would be shown. Apps like YouTube use screen in between the two antenna lines. The edges are curved and that displays in the videos too. The games I play work in landscape mode and the notch takes up some screen real estate.

Getting bored ? Don’t worry we’ve reached the end of this post. So the final questions are, ‘Is it worth the money ?’ and ‘Should you buy it ?’. If you are looking for a 5G phone with decent specs and if the budget isn’t a problem then definitely the iPhone 12 is worth buying. Those of you waiting for the depreciation and currently have a working phone, you could wait till the release of the next iPhone so that this gets more wallet friendly. Moving onto the question whether it’s worth the money. I would say yes. However, in India we end up spending even more due to duties. The phone doesn’t come with power brick and earphones. So that would be another hiccup.

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂

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