Case for iPhone 12

Case for iPhone 12

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. I got a new case for my iPhone 12 and in this post I’d be sharing my first impressions about the case.

Well those of you who read my review about the iPhone 12 already know the reason why I bought a case and to those of you who haven’t, don’t worry cause I’ll be mentioning it again. Well the iPhone 12 isn’t sturdy and dropping down the phone causes damage to the phone. Well that was the reason I got a case.

Moving onto the case itself, the case is from Kinshu and it’s sold by Covers Wale on Amazon. The case is dark green in colour and it cost me INR 245 + a shipping charge of INR 40. Well I’ve used it for just half a day and hear are my words on it.

First thing first, the case is decent with respect to material and finish. If you are someone who’d want to flaunt the Apple logo then this case isn’t for you. The case doesn’t have an opening to display the Apple logo and neither is the logo printed on the case. When it comes to fit, the case fits 99.5 % in place. Due to the elastic nature of the case one small portion of the phone is slightly visible, one would notice it only if she or he is a perfectionist. For the rest of the tribe it’s a green signal with respect to fit. One reason why I feel that the aforementioned happens could be probably to ease the process of removing and putting the case back on again. If the case fits perfectly then it could be a hassle to remove or put on the case. For me personally putting on the case and removing the case was a cakewalk. The case also has openings for charging slot, speakers, camera, flashlight etc. The case sits slightly above the camera, this provides additional protection to the protruded camera of the iPhone 12. However, a downside to this is, if the light falls from sideways a small shadow of the case falls on the camera lens. This wouldn’t be a problem for the majority but for those perfectionists out there this could be a turn off.

Moving onto the material, it’s made of silicone and TPU. It did catch some finger marks after some use but it could be wiped away.

Well, moving onto the question whether it is bang for the buck, for INR 285 including shipping, it definitely is. Well, if you are wondering how much would the official case by Apple costs, then the answer to it is INR 4900. For a fraction of that cost this case does offer quite a lot. One more question that’s left behind is, does this case support MagSafe charging ? And the answer to that question is I don’t know, the description on Amazon doesn’t say so and I don’t have MagSafe charger to verify it. Well if you’ve made it this far here’s some additional info, the MagSafe charger costs INR 4500 and a 20 Watt power brick by Apple costs INR 1900. So charging via USB C to lightning is a more budget friendly option than MagSafe.

Well folks that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. I’ve dropped an affiliate link at the bottom of this post, if you have thoughts on buying this case, do hit on the link. Byeee 🙂

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