Lockdown and Stale Food

Lockdown and Stale Food

Have you ordered food from your favourite restaurants and found the food to be stale ? Well this could not be a regular issue but during the lockdown it pretty much is.

I got takeaway food from some of my favourite restaurants that are operating during the lockdown and I found the food to be lacking in quality. First thing first a huge population have moved to their hometown and therefore the number of people visiting or ordering food from restaurants have declined. Second thing is, the restaurants operating aren’t able to sell / empty their produce a.k.a. food. The result of the aforementioned leads to delivery of stale food to customers. If you are a non vegetarian then some days can be crucial. Due to religious beliefs many don’t consume non veg food on certain days of the week like Monday, Saturday etc. So if you are going to order food on Tuesday, you are most likely to get the unsold food from Monday. And this thing is pretty hard to digest ( referred in the other connotation ).

Well saying that I don’t blame the restaurants. If I was in their place maybe I’d have done the same. In fact we have to appreciate the fact that they are serving during the pandemic and providing food to those who can’t cook or depend entirely on restaurants for food.

Well, those were my thoughts. What’s your take on this ?

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