Is Management Seat worth it ?

Is Management Seat worth it ?

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll be sharing my thoughts on whether management seat is worth it or not.

Well to those of you wondering what a management seat is, here’s the answer, when you get into a college by paying additional money than the actual specified money a.k.a. tuition fees it’s called a management seat. People who aren’t qualified enough to get into the college but have enough money to pay the management fees, seek this mode to get into college.

Now the question is whether it is worth it ? Let’s begin with the pros. When you get into a good college, you get to be in company of some of the best brains in the city / country etc. And as a result of this, those who aren’t good at studies too end up getting good at studies by seeking the help of classmates or by putting extra effort in order to be on par with their classmates. This was told by one of the teachers of a top notch college, who happens to be a customer of my mom’s company. Well, what does good grades mean ? Answer : Job with a fancy pay packet. I had a chance to interact with one such student who happened to join the same tuition centre that I joined. This particular lad was from one of the top colleges in Bengaluru and a management seat in that particular college for an engineering seat was around 2.4 million Indian Rupees in 2014. Well, now the question is what’s the return on investment ? I asked this dude regarding the max pay one would get post their degree, and according to him it was 2.6 million Indian Rupees per annum, which was offered by a tech giant. Well you do the math, 2.6 mil at age 22. Worth it or not ? Another thing to note here is, this salary was for those who graduated with a degree in computer science. If one did mechanical engineering or some other stream of engineering then the salary wouldn’t have been that high. However, the management fee remained the same irrespective of the stream.

Let’s move onto the next pro, there are three scenarios in which a person can make it to the top colleges. The first one being pure merit, the penultimate being reservation and the final one is management seat. Colleges apart from providing education also serves as a medium to find co founders for a company, if you look at the alma mater of most startup founders, most happen to be from good colleges and in some cases even the cofounder happens to have graduated from the same college that the latter graduated from. Colleges also happen to be a place where some find their better half. No much thoughts on this but yeah if you want someone with good grey matter, college happens to be your Tinder.

Moving further the next good thing is that you’d have good contacts. If you want to find a good company for your daughter or son to do her / his internship, there’s a high probability that one of your classmates would be working for a Fortune 500 and getting an internship would be a cakewalk.

Well, now let’s talk about not getting a management seat. The first good thing is, you save a tonne of money by not choosing this mode of admission. The second good thing is you can still make it to a good company by applying for one when companies come with open campus placement drives, ads etc. However, the downside of not making it to a good college can be a little rough. The first con regarding the previous sentence is, you miss the ambiance of being in good company. From my personal experience I’ve found out that the more educated a person is the better is the ambiance. For example, I’ve found the educated to be less racist, anti bully, broad minded etc. For example, I happened to be in a good school during my middle school and I happened to be in company from students of a particular city. On the other hand there were students from the same city even during my undergrad. And there was a Heaven and Earth difference between the students (even faculty). The educated happened to show respect to the city they currently lived in and also to the tradition and customs of the current city. But on the other hand the less educated (which includes teachers too) were a disaster. Some couldn’t pronounce the name of the language of the current city, always considered their native to be superior and the present city that they lived to be a piece of ****. Well spending time with the partially literate is hell.

One can experience this even in good colleges and the reason for this again is lack of literacy. There will be a pack who just got into the college just to flaunt the name of the college in their social media columns, or had too much money and didn’t know what to do, so instead got a management seat in a good college.

Return on investment – As mentioned earlier you can get what you spent within an year provided you deserve it. Or else it’s a flush in the drain. I happen to know a person who got into a good college but was unfortunately not placed. He got a job later but the ROI was less. Imagine working for a year and still not be able to afford the highest spec iPhone. That’s painful ain’t it.

Final take – If you’ve got the money for a management seat, then please get one because it’s not just the education that’s different, it’s also the experience that’s different. There might be a point in future where you’ve got more money and might be paying more taxes than an actual management seat. For those of you who doesn’t own a hell lotta capital, my suggestion is please study harder and make it to a good college.

Well folks, that’s a wrap to this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂

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