Why I hate Modular Kitchens ?

Why I hate modular kitchens ?

Modular kitchens are stylish, sleek and offer plenty of pros but I hate it and here’s the reason.

The first reason goes like this, if you live in multi-storey building the biggest problem is pests. Multi-storey buildings share pipelines and as a result of this in spite of you keeping your kitchen clean, pests may enter your home. Modular kitchens come with cabinets that are closed and cleaning every nook and corner is a hassle. If you are someone who takes long vacations there’s a high probability of your home becoming a heaven for pests.

So instead of the modular cabinets I prefer conventional cement shelves or wooden shelves that are airy, easy to clean etc.

The modern apartments these days share the kitchen with the living room and usually there’s no partition. So if you have conventional cement shelves it may not sync in with the aesthetics. But who cares I still hate modular kitchens.

Well folks, saying that I wrap up this post. See you next time with a different one, byeee 🙂

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