How to Win Friends & Influence People – Book Review

Hello folks, welcome to CCB. In today’s post I’ll Be reviewing the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

The book is written by Dale Carnegie and in the book the author talks about the various ways in which you can make friends and get the business done. The book is 316 pages long and at the end of the book there is a section about the author’s past that talks about how he became a coach.

This is one of the books that took quite a lot of time for me to read. I read one chapter per day and I also took breaks in between days.

Now the question is why should you read this book ? Is it because you want to make friends or do well in marketing aspects of your business ? For me personally I am happy with very little friends I have and having tonne of friends also comes with cons. But the nature of my business is such that I need more friends to make more money. In simple words if I post the link of this post on Facebook and if I have good number of friends who click on the link, I’d be making money. Many businesses run like that, for example my dad doesn’t have a website for his business and he gets his customers by word of mouth. And his friends circle is so good that I secured internships due to his network.

Coming back to the book, following the techniques mentioned in the book can help you get more friends but if you make friends just to get your wants done, then that cannot be termed as true friendship. So if you are someone who is reading this post and wants to make a tonne of friends for good reasons, well this book helps you but if you are someone who only looks at the benefits or favours, then too this book works but my suggestion is don’t use the tricks for mind manipulations.

Moving on to the question how much of the content really works ?, I would say that geography too plays an important part. The author of this book hasn’t lived in India or worked with rough labourers. I spent some time at the construction site of my grandmother’s property and sometimes if you had to get the work done by a worker who is busy on his phone, then the only way was to get the bad words rolling. This mayn’t be the case everywhere. The author of the book gives an example of a factory and says how being polite and trying a different strategy can get the things done. Well boy, does this work in rough conditions. Hell no !! Some time back there was a manager in a steel factory who was rude to the workers and one day two workers threw the manager into the furnace. Well, I haven’t verified this news, I heard it from a relative. Well if you are working in such situations then knowing how to win friends and influence people is definitely on top of the to do list.

In the book the author gives some simple strategies like ‘smiling’, ‘not criticising’ etc. to win friends. As the content gets deep the magnitude of the tips increases. Note, I cannot disclose the entire content because the book comes with a copyright. If I have to put the content in one sentence, then according to the author you need to look at stuff from the other person’s perspective.

Do people use the tips from the book ? To a certain extent YES. For example, I was late to work and my boss told me how I was early to work the previous month and now I’m deteriorating. This subtle hint was enough for me to be 30 minutes early to work from the next day. But would the same hint work for a rough dude who is a chronic latecomer. If the person is uncivilised then the boss would be like ‘’Son of a ***** why the **** are you late every ****** day ?’’. I’ve personally seen such scenarios and if you want to influence an uncivilised lad then you need to try stuff outside this book.

Now comes the rating. I would rate this book 3 on a 5 point scale.

Another thing to note here is, the author gives multiple examples to put forward a single point. If you are someone in a hurry then this book may seem like beating around the bush.

Well all of that aforementioned may seem like not purchasing this book, isn’t it ? Well, this is one of the best seller on Amazon and I have given a rating of 3 which is more than half. So you may have to rethink your purchase decision. Well, if you are planning to buy this book, why not purchase it from the affiliate link below ?

Well folks, that was it for this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂