Budget Slides from Westside

Hey folks. Welcome to CCB and in today’s post I’ll be sharing my short term review of the below slides I got from Westside.

This footwear was on discount. The actual MRP was INR 799 but I got it for ₹599. I’ve used it for a while now and the experience is pretty decent. On wearing it for the first time is felt really cool and the suspension effect was felt. The slides came with a sticker saying ‘Squeez Me’. And doing the aforementioned felt like the product was of premium quality.

I use this slides for my hour long walks on the terrace and now that it has been quite some days, the soft cushion has taken the shape of the bottom of my feet that it comes in contact with. I no longer feel the same like the first time I wore it. On first try the magnitude of the suspension effect was high, but now I no longer feel it and the reason could be I’m used to it.

On tar roads it’s pretty comfy. My foot size is 7 but I got a 6 as 7 was not available in the store. The flap on the top was initially a bit tight but now it kinda loosened itself. The rate a which the top layer loosened itself was much faster than my Adidas Cloudfoam Slides.

I haven’t worn it in monsoon. But I’ve dropped quite a lot of water on it, unlike Adidas Cloudfoam Slides, this doesn’t absorb water to a great extent and that’s a good sign. This however is a dust magnet. When I leave the footwear outside, a hell lot of dust sits on top of the flap and the sole. The only concern I have with this slides is whether it would fade ? As of now the rich blue colour is quite appealing but I don’t know if it stands the test of time.

Saying that I’d like to wrap this post. See you next time with a different one. Byeee 🙂

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